Monday, November 21, 2011

Morning Dump

A healthy Carder gives Frogs' defense a boost

Charmed? TCU's BCS hopes take a hit

Oh Bubba no; Frogs hoops team ugly in loss against Norfolk State

TCU wraps up Paradise Jam vs Ole Miss

Balanced attack sends NC State WBB to win over TCU

Cross Country:
Kemboi set for 2011 NCAA Cross Country Championships


Slay Purple said...

ETA on when those morning dump shirts are going out?

NurseFrog31 said...

^What he said. I'm dying to wear mine.

THEFINCH said...

I'll be placing an order this week, sorry for the delay

VikingFrog said...

Why am I confused?

These articles keep stating that TCU has won at least a share of the MWC Championship?

Didn't we clinch on Saturday. Even if we lost to UNLV (knock on wood) wouldn't we only have one conference loss, but hold head to head wins over everyone else.

I'm either stupid or confused or a little bit of both.

Anyone care to explain?

Sir Wesley Willis said...

It's a good question, viking. I guess what they mean to say is that TCU can clinch it outright next weekend.

VikingFrog said...

But that's my point. Haven't we already clinched it with a win on Saturday?

I assume the tiebreaker would be head to head and we've beating everyone that may have one conference loss.

Rotten Arsenal said...

If the Frogs somehow managed to lose their last game and Boise wins out, the two teams would have the same overall conference record. In the strictest sense, they are co-champions because in conference title speak, all that matters is the best overall record.
The need for a definitive champion only comes into play when post season stuff comes into play, in which case, TCU takes the lead co-champ status due to head to head. Think back to 2 of the last 3 years of the Big12 South, or the 1994 SWC.
At any rate, TCU is the defacto MWC champ in all things important, but it would nice to end our last year in this dumbass conference with an third straight clean sweep.

VikingFrog said...

Makes sense, thanks for the info.

Fuck Boise. Let's sweep the leg.