Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Let's Go Bowling

With TCU's fourth consecutive defeat of BYU last Friday, the Frogs have now reached bowl eligibility for the seventh straight season and for the 13th time in 14 years. They still have four games left in the 2011 regular season, but let's take a peak at where the Frogs may be bowling in December and who they might face when they get there. Here are the MWC's current bowl partners, so be prepared for one of these as this year's bowl destination:

Las Vegas Bowl
-December 22nd in Las Vegas
-ESPN's projected opponent: Cal
-Payout: $1 million per team

Poinsettia Bowl
-December 21st in San Diego
-ESPN's projected opponent: Nevada
-Payout: $500k per team

Independence Bowl
-December 26th in Shreveport
-ESPN's projected opponent: Wake Forest or Miami
-Payout: $1.1 million per team

New Mexico Bowl
-December 17th in Albuquerque
-ESPN projected opponent: Eastern Michigan or Ohio
-Payout: $750k per team

Now, there are probably some of you out there thinking that TCU could run the table, have 8-0 Houston drop a game and the Frogs end up in the BCS again this year. I suppose less likely things have ended up happening, but because I'm using company time to type this up I'm going to just table that one for a later date. That's what the comments section is for, you crazies.

Barring a miracle BCS run, the Frogs have a decent shot at facing a familiar problem. I say likely because I'm confident that they can end up either winning the conference (but not being deemed BCS-worthy) or finishing in second to a BCS-bound Boise squad. In either case, they would give the Las Vegas Bowl the opportunity to pass on them for the third time in seven seasons. You might recall that the MWC Champion and 10-1 Frogs were passed on by the Vegas folks in 2005, and had to pull quite a few strings to get a Houston Bowl match up with Iowa State. Then again in 2008, when the 10-2 Frogs finished second behind a Sugar Bowl-bound Utah squad, Vegas again gave TCU the thumbs-down in favor of 3rd place BYU. Thankfully, the Poinsettia Bowl folks felt they owed TCU (after having matched them up against an inferior Northern Illinois team in 2006) and managed to snag Boise State to face the Frogs in San Diego.

So what if the Frogs are the top team available to the Las Vegas folks again? Would they take them this time? Here's another question...after having been brushed aside twice, would TCU even want to be invited to a pre-Christmas bowl game nearly 1,200 miles away? Am I the only one who thinks they'd be better off telling the Vegas Bowl "thanks but no thanks" and taking their talents to Shreveport? Think about it- it pays $100,000 more per team (more money is more gooder), it's less than a four-hour drive from Fort Worth (more fans could come), it has the possibility of being against a high-profile ACC team (or maybe just an ACC team, but whatever) and it's after Christmas (when most of you will be off of work and itching to get out of the house).

To me, it seems like a no-brainer. And you've got to know that the Independence Bowl folks signed on with the MWC with just three teams in mind: Air Force (who they had last year), BYU (who is no longer available), and TCU. I'm not trying to get you all fired up for a trip to the Independence Bowl, but my money's on the Frogs- win or lose in Laramie and win or lose in Boise- heading to Shreveport the day after JC's birthday. I'll be there.


Rotten Arsenal said...

Independence Bowl is pretty much the only bowl game I could make (of the three listed).

Worth Hills Caddy said...

What a joke the MWC's bowl games are. The conference champion gets paid less than the Independence Bowl, and the same amount ($1mm) that we made when we went to Clemson.

It will certainly be nice to move on from this grab bag of garbage bowl games.

EdK said...

The Independence Bowl would be nice, but I am willing to put money on TCU going to the Las Vegas Bowl.

I know it's a plane ride, but Las Vegas flights are among the cheapest destinations in the country -- remember, Nevada wants your money, so airfares are always low. So are hotel rooms.

Besides, it's a FUN TOWN. Even for kids. Lots to do -- seriously, what's to do in freakin' Shreveport all day before the game?

Viva Las Vegas, baby!

Sir Wesley Willis said...

Shreveport has fewer casinos and a higher murder rate than Vegas! I think that's in the brochure.

What about this: I've seen several bowl mocks matching up the Frogs against Utah in Vegas. I know I know, been there, done that, blah blah... but could be kind of fun for an unexpected brief renewal of that rivalry? You have to admit, playing BYU Friday was fun and had a spark few games on our schedule have. Just a thought.

But yeah, selfishly I'll roll with Shreveport considering I'll be at home for Xmas and 1 hour away. Pregame at Herby K's, just be sure to bring your bullet proof vest!

Sir Wesley Willis said...

oh snap, I'd seen Wake Forest but potentially MIAMI in Shreveport? Where do I sign?

LA Frog said...

Independence Bowl is no good unless Poulan Weedeater is the sponsor

bscooter26 said...

I sure wouldn't mind stopping in San Diego on my way home for break

49 Pairs of Sneakers said...

The Indy bowl is where the real magic happens. Prepare your souls.