Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Fuente a candidate for the KU job

In the "good for him, but bad for us" department, both ESPN Insider and coachingsearch.com have mentioned TCU Co-Offensive Coordinator and QB Coach Justin Fuente as a possible replacement for Turner Gill as the head coach at Kansas.

The candidate list that ESPN has for KU includes a number of guys with head coaching experience (including Mike Leach, Jim Leavitt, Troy Calhoun and Kevin Sumlin among others), but Fuente would be a great choice for the Jayhawks if they chose to go with a fresh, up-and-coming coach. He has ties in Texas from his five years at TCU, Oklahoma from the two years he spent playing in Norman, the upper midwest from his six years at Illinois State and Kentucky from his two years playing at Murray State. He's also got a combined six years of coordinating experience between TCU and Illinois State, with both of those teams setting multiple school records under his leadership.

If this came to fruition, Fuente would be the second Patterson assistant to be hired as a head coach, after defensive coordinator David Bailiff was hired at Texas State in 2004 (and then at Rice in 2007). Like when the baseball team lost Todd Whitting to Houston, we'd hate to see Fuente go. But that is just one of the prices of sustained success.


Sir Wesley Willis said...

Yikes - I realize coaching at the big boy level is what most coordinators aspire to, but that's a ROUGH situation to walk into. Godspeed if he's the guy.

EdK said...

Not a surprise at all. I think Anderson can handle the job next year.

Speaking of Fuente, he did a fabulous job. My only gripe is that he treated Pachall too much like last year's Dalton and the Frogs wound up in too many third-and-long situations.

Dalton had Jimmy Young for those quick 6-yards on first down, a luxury Pachall doesn't have. Too many first down incompletes or even losses to Dawson/Hicks/Carter.

Anyway, good luck to him.

purplepeopleater said...

Well I hope the KU guys dont read this article because you pretty much gave them a great sack of stats to suck on.

Travis said...

I grew up in KC, so I still read the KC Star online. I personally believe KU is seeking a more proven commodity with head coaching experience. I think Troy Calhoun is a short lister, and believe it or not, The Pirate may man the helm.(oh the joy he would have playing Tech every year!)

general125 said...

Looking back having grown up as an OU fan in the 90's, I always thought Fuente was a better QB than his record indicates. I mean good god, he played for John Blake as a Freshman and Sophomore in the Sooners worst two seasons in the last 50 years.

I've loved him since he replaced Schultz.

Part of me thinks he runs the short-side option just to mess with the fans, but I try not to be that vain.