Thursday, November 17, 2011

Frogs For the Cure.

Watch this. Prove you all aren't entirely heartless.

Rather than give my own commentary and inadvertently add snark, I'll just let TCU's External Relations Associate Ann Louden spin it:

As many of you know, BB Ann Louden chairs TCU's Frogs for the Cure effort to support Komen for the Cure.

This year she conceived and organized a 1500 person flash mob dance that included survivors, campus and community groups

and guests like Mark Cuban. The halftime show of the TCU game at Cowboys Stadium last Friday night was the debut for the video

and many of you were on the field at halftime for the fun.

Now comes Ann's favor request: please ask your family, friends, and especially groups to view the video and share it.

TCU needs 100,000 views in short order to get back in front of the Today Show producers. To have the story told nationally

will speak volumes about TCU’s community involvement and the ways the University engages students in important causes

to benefit the public good. The link to the video is

Ann appreciates your spreading the word!

PS Just so you can appreciate the layers of work that went into the video, there were 75 groups dancing with 22 celebrities

filmed by 17 videographers which produced 64 HOURS of footage!

So watch it a few times. It'll help fight breast cancer and make TCU more popular at the same time.


Sir Wesley Willis said...

sorry for the blogger fail, but I'm sure you've all come to expect it after all this time.

Basically - watch the video a bunch.

Hornedfrog1982 said...

My mother died of breast cancer 15 years ago.

My mother was the person in my life that suggested I go to TCU.

I had no desire to go to school where they could not win a football game against the local middle school team and was also in my home town. I wanted to go to mighty Oklahoma. But she told me sports was not everything and that a degree from TCU was considered prestigious and luckily she wanted me around the house 4 more years.

So I went to school at TCU and am forever in her debt for convincing me that was the place to go.

I do not know if this is coincidence or not but I am thinking that as she would say everything happens for a reason.

TCU has been the leader in Breast Cancer Awareness month. TCU has been doing this for years and they were wearing pink in their football games years before the NFL.

I am so proud of TCU and this really hits close to home for me.

Thank you TCU.

LA Frog said...

Anything for the Louden's. They are good people, they are good to TCU and it's a good cause...and Mr. Louden used to give huge tips to Rent a Frog valet's at his parties and around town.