Friday, November 18, 2011

Could Dalton Catch a Break?

Andy Dalton

It's possible, at least according to increasingly unreliable Peter King. Word is that the toe injury Ray Lewis suffered last week against Seattle could keep him out of this game. Although Dalton fared better than anticipated in his first test against Pittsburgh, facing Shooty McMurderCharges can be an entirely different beast for an opposing QB. It's not guarantee that Lewis will sit out, but at least for now it's likely.

In other potentially good news, AJ Green, otherwise known as Dalton's safety net, has not yet been ruled out of the game after suffering an injury last week against Pit while scoring a TD. It's true the receiver hasn't practiced for 3 days, which isn't a good sign, but the fact that he hasn't been officially ruled out has to be seen as a positive.

Regardless, Dalton's chances of leading the Bengals to a playoff berth ride pretty heavily on this matchup. Cheer him on Sunday at noon.

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VikingFrog said...

Not looking great for AJ Green.

Still I think the Ravens have been so up and down this year that the Bengals could pull this off without him.