Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Cannon activated by Patriots

I have a feeling a lot of you join me in not being real big Bill Belichik fans (you know, because he's a cheater), but we've all got a reason to root for the Patriots now. After a long fight back from his cancer diagnosis in the spring, Marcus Cannon has been added to the Pats' active roster. He's been practicing with the team for the past few weeks, but today was the deadline for them to decide between playing him and shelving him for the rest of the season. He must've made quite an impact in practice, though, because it's not like a Super Bowl-contending team is going to make a roster move just for a PR bump.

The Patriots' next game is on Monday Night Football against Kansas City. Go get 'em, Marcus!


Sir Wesley Willis said...

on the contrary, maybe they ARE making a PR move after Bellichik's little outburst post-game against the Jets. I'd post it here, but this is a family website.

But in all seriousness, that's just awesome and I couldn't be happier for Marcus. I saw him in Lot 4 before the UNM game and, while I didn't approach him because I place TCU football players on such a pedestal I'm kind of terrified to talk to them, he looked in good shape. Hope he's out there protecting Tom Brady this time next year, but not protecting him TOO much.

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