Thursday, November 10, 2011

Boise- apparently not completely devoid of humor

Judging by the responses to our totally-serious boycott of potatoes, I was beginning to think that no one associated the former junior college up in Idaho could take -or even recognize- a joke. I was relieved, then, when I saw this post from Drew Roberts on Nice work, Drew.

Like Boise State fans, we're not real keen on seeing someone take shots at the appearance of one of our sports heroes or the perception of our university and/or home state. My guess, though, is that Drew's shots at GP aren't met with dozens of responses telling him he's a dumbass because "Patterson was actually born in Larned, Kansas" or "that munchkin won the Rose Bowl".

But maybe that's because our state has more going for it than just a college football team?


Tyler said...

Hobbies - penning hate mail to SMU

That's pretty funny.

Travis said...

"Grimace" was outstanding!

SuperSweet HornedFrog said...

why is patterson's acrchenemy Chad Crippe?

Sir Wesley Willis said...

I appreciated how they both enjoyed needlepoint.