Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Blog Exchange Part 1: The Boise Questions to Spitblood

Here's the Boise State blog that I halfway promised yesterday. Their questions seem to be a little bit more serious than mine will obviously be. Thanks to all of y'all who entered questions into the comments section, and I will make their questions tonight and send them over. As for now, here's what they had to offer and my semi-serious responses since they appear to be a little more grown up than little ole spitblood is. Sorry for the PG rating. Hopefully the questions sent their way will ruffle some feathers and they'll get all uppity.

1.) The game on Saturday was originally scheduled to be played as a home game for TCU and the MWC intervened and moved the location to Boise. In your opinion how will this impact the outcome?

Well, it's definitely not a positive thing for us. I think we really all appreciated how the MWC chose to treat the program that, along with Utah (not you, BYU), put them on the map and gave them any significance in the college football landscape over the past few years. I for one am glad to see the MWC going up in flames considering how they acted like petulant children to protect Boise State, their new babies. Ironically, it looks like Boise is jumping ship as well and that is what will ultimately cause the final demise of the conference. So, like Gary Patterson suggested, since y'all are leaving the conference now too, can we get the game moved back to Fort Worth?

Honestly though, I don't think it impacts the outcome of the game whatsoever. We haven't really played any better or worse at home or on the road this year, and I don't buy into the whole blue turf magic BS, and I have a hard time believing the stadium gets that loud considering there's a track between the field and the stands. I think all the blue turf actually does is cause a few ducks to dive-bomb it and die every winter.

2.) Your Conference move to the Big East took an abrupt directional change recently and TCU is now headed to the Big 12. Do you see this as a bigger challenge for the Horned Frogs to make it to a BCS bowl game as you will be facing stiffer competition?

Can't this question just be answered by looking at the teams that remain in each conference? Yes it will be harder, but it also makes a whole lot more sense in just about every way imaginable. You also have to take into consideration that most years the Big 12 will get 2 BCS teams to the Big East's 1 (who inevitably get's slaughtered in an unfamiliar warm weather climate in the south), so that's a plus as well. I don't think there's any doubt the Big 12 upgraded with the addition of us in place of A&M, the most perennially overrated team in college football. Games against OU, Oklahoma State, and maybe one day again Texas will always be a struggle, but we're in a far better place than we were when the Big 12 originated and I don't see any reason why we can't compete at the highest level within that conference (except in basketball).

3.) TCU moved into the NCAA rankings with a 7-2 record (#24 position in the USA Today Poll). What will a win over a #5 ranked Boise State mean to your program in terms of rankings and bowl opportunities?

I don't think it has much effect on bowl opportunities. We aren't going to a BCS game. Don't listen to any TCU fan with a crackpot scheme that believes otherwise. I think it'll be Vegas, Independence, or Poinsettia, so really the bowl game isn't a huge concern of mine. I just want to play a good opponent. I think the bigger effect of this game will be what it does for an incredibly young team going forward. That would be a HUGE win to build confidence going into the Big 12 and could really propel this young team into 2012. For a season that has pretty much been deemed a disappointment (we're spoiled now- you will be too when ole Mouthbreather is gone) a win over a top 5 Boise State team would ease the pain of losing to the SMU Coke-fiends and the the Baylor Branch Davidians.

4.) This game has a MWC title on the line and Boise State has a 35 game win streak on the Blue Turf. What will be the keys for a MWC title and a TCU win on the Blue?

Again, I don't care about blue turf. It's just a silly looking gimmick and really has no impact on a football game. Tacky field turf doesn't make a team win. Players and coaches do.

The keys to win for the Frogs- run, manage the clock, and get pressure on Kellen Bieber and force him into bad decisions (which are rare). I know that all sounds incredibly generic, but for a team to pull an upset that's usually the recipe. Also, not fumbling 4 times and turning it over 3 times inside of the 10 like last week would really help our red zone production. Both teams will score, so which defense will makes stops? I know the defense has been nothing short of an abortion this year, but Gary Patterson is a master of his craft and I'd have to believe he can keep the Boise offense at bay. He's done it twice before, and TCU is the only team Casey Affleck Moore has never thrown a TD against. If he doesn't throw one this year, I think it's pretty obvious Boise loses.

Also, it wouldn't hurt to get Kyle Brotzman some more eligibility. What is the ole chin-strapped bearded, CZ earrings wearing kicker doing Saturday? Does he wanna lace em up for one more Saturday?

5.) The fan base for TCU has traveled well to the three previous meetings, albeit they were bowl games. What can Bronco Stadium expect in terms of a TCU fan showing on Saturday?

The enthusiasm for a trip to Idaho has definitely decreased since the early season losses, but I'd expect the fans that go to be passionate, loud, and hopefully ruthlessly intoxicated and abrasive. I mean, you have to be drunk or a meth-head to enjoy yourself in Boise, Idaho, right?

Bonus.) What is your prediction for Saturdays matchup?

34-31 TCU. GP's defense comes up with one late stop that's just enough to get the job done. TCU pounds it out with the three headed monster of Ed Wesley, Waymon James, and Matthew Tucker, but a big strike from Pachall to Josh Boyce in the 4th makes the difference. Boise may get in field goal range late with a shot to tie it, but the Boise kicker (who is probably on the TCU payroll like Brotzman was last year) will shank the shit out of it and then cry on the field Tim Tebow style.


Reed said...

"a couple ducks dive bomb and die every winter" genius. great stuff snk

Rotten Arsenal said...

Oh... this is gonna end badly... somewhere in this Blog Exchange, somebody is gonna say "Mind if we dance with your dates?"

Travis said...

Ya, you just stirred the shit! God bless you!

Travis said...

...Nothing is over until we say it's over. Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no!

purpleheart said...

Bringing up Kyle Brotzman can only lead to a shit storm. Touche snk, touche.

Rabble Rouser said...

I doubt their is any shit storm on account that it looks like nobody reads that blog. That's why you should have gone mano-y-mano with OBNUG. Their writers are actually clever and they have a large readership of wildly ignorant and easily offended tater zoobs.

I understand that an award winning 6th place TCU blog such as this one doesn't come to them, they come to you. Just think it's a damn shame that it didn't happen because everyone loses in this scenario, what a joy those would've been to read. Also they do a blog bet where the winner gets a free post on the loser's blog, I can only imagine that if TCU won that SnK would've broken the internet.

shortnkerley's said...

Sorry for not doing my due diligence in the Boise blog nation. I don't really care what those jort wearing lard asses read, so I went with the one that was interested. A blog bet does sound fun though...I appreciate the comment about breaking the internet.

Rabble Rouser said...

Hey you have nothing to be sorry for SnK. It's not your fault this guy is boring and has no readers. You always bring the heat, keep doing what you're doing.

Honestly those guys at OBNUG know SB exists so it is on them. But they were prob scurred of your "hot fire" and they prob just went with the TCU SB Nation Blog since they are part of that network too.

Sir Wesley Willis said...

OBNUG definitely knows about us - we did blog exchanges with them for the previous 2 TCU/Boise games. They're just SB Nation elitists now.

FroggyStyle said...

Well done.

matt howell said...

i knew brotzman was paid to miss that s.o.b...... anyway you guys are giving us a war so far 20-14 halftime on the smurf turf no less ..... ill be the blue sheep on the blog ...come on bosie