Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Big East throws a Dollar Bill on a string to MWC/CUSA teams

So, AP reports that the Big East is going to formally invite Boise St, Navy and Air Force (Football only) as well as SMU, Houston, and Central Florda (all sports) to join.
Now, truthfully, we don't much care about this since we've apparently dodged a bullet and now don't have to worry about any of the conferences involved. But at the same time, isn't it kinda fun to think about Craig Thompson hiding under his desk crying and mumbling "but we gave you everything, Boise State! Why would you leave?!?!?"
And further, what does the future hold for the BE and the non-AQ Conferences? The WAC is gutted, with what strength it had going to the MWC, which looks as though it will now be no better (if even that) than the old full strength WAC, even if they do merge with the soon to be weakened CUSA. And then the Big East becomes basically another version of CUSA.
Maybe the Big East keeps its BCS AQ status, but good god... they might be even less impressive than the TCU/Utah/BYU MWC.


Tanner said...

BE was already less impressive. MWC was more competitive than it for years. Boise should just stay and wait for something better, I think. Whatever that may be.

Sir Wesley Willis said...

Bottom line here is that it's clearly more difficult for a Conference to lose their AQ status than it is for a non-AQ Conference to gain it, so it's a good move for those schools. But yeah, this is basically just CUSA... not on steroids because that's too much credit. CUSA on half decaf/half regular coffee? CUSA and the WAC pretty much HAVE to join forces now, not for an AQ bid, but for survival. I hate the fact that SMU basically rode our coattails into an auto bid, but it's just the landscape. And, truth be told, UCF and Houston aren't exactly hot properties, either. They'll have an easier road than we will in the Big 12, but the BEast Champ will NEVER sniff a National title game unless every other Conference champ has a loss and maybe 2. I'll be interested to see what happens when someone runs the numbers as far as retaining AQ status for the BE because, I agree, this doesn't look any better than the MWC of 2 years ago.

Frogger98 said...

I have read some speculation that BE is going to lose its auto-status pretty much no matter what happens.
Apparently, the other power conferences want to put more of their teams in the BCS bowls since they have increased numbers. If it shakes out that way, then BE is going to just be a great basketball conference. I think Boise would be better off staying in the new Superfrenemy conference.

EdK said...

The BYU/TCU/Utah (and don't forget Air Force) MWC was as good a conference as the Big East and ACC ever were. Even Wyoming and Colorado St. had their moments.

I must admit being of two minds about this "new" Big East conference proposal. On one hand, I say let everybody get a shot at the BCS -- the segregation of schools like TCU, ECU and So. Miss. and inclusion of schools like UConn, Vanderbilt and Duke was always outrageous. Might as well dissolve the AQ status altogether, it's not like Ball State is suddenly going to be pushing everyone aside.

But on the other hand, I'm kind of ticked off that a school like SMU is going to walk into a BCS conference after teams like TCU did all the heavy lifting to break down the door.

LENEtown Fizzle said...

do we get to play boise in ft worth now that they are leaving too?

Rotten Arsenal said...

EdK, that's pretty much my thought too. Nobody (not even New Mexico) should be denied the equal chance to compete for the NC, but at the same time, Utah, TCU, and Boise State beat the odds that were stacked against them and EARNED their shot at moving up. SMU has done... what... had the same number of bowl wins and conference championships as Vanderbilt?
It's a slap in the face and I'm really glad we bailed on the Big East. I think they will lose AQ status. The remaining Big East teams will have a 1-3 BCS record with no NC game appearances. BSU will help, but the nature of the BCS is to wipe out threats and weakness. The SEC (who could probably fill a slot in every BCS bowl every year) alone wants more slots and you gotta figure the other conferences feel the same. The BCS has shown no sign of wanting to "help a brother out"... the Big East has officially become a coattail rider and I can't see the cartel wanting to share the wealth with them anymore.

Sir Wesley Willis said...

The Big East is DESPERATE. Like, the Sun Belt is more stable. I've talked to a few SMU fans about it and they're actually kinda skeptical. Like, "It might make more sense to form the MWC/CUSA super conference." skeptical. It's a ludicrous thought on the surface, but is it really THAT ludicrous? I agree that the BEast will likely lose its AQ status in favor of removing the 2 team per Conference cap. Looks like SMU could win temporarily but still end up losing in the long run.

And yeah, pretty hilarious that after bending over backwards for Boise, the Broncos turn around and completely stick it to the MWC. Good riddance.

EdK said...

I wouldn't hold my breath on the Big East losing its AQ status anytime soon unless the entire system is revamped.

It may be 2-3 years at the earliest and, by then, who cares? The horses have already left the barn. Kicking the BE out of the BCS before then? Whoa, you wanna talk about lawsuits?