Tuesday, October 25, 2011

West Virginia to the Big 12?

Maybe TCU and West Virginia will end up as conference rivals after all? Brett McMurphy of CBS Sports is reporting that the Mountaineers will take Missouri's spot in the Big 12 if (or more likely, when) the Tigers depart for the SEC. This would be another big blow for the Big East, who was hoping to rope in Boise State, Air Force, Houston and some other schools.

What do you think- would this be a good move for the Big 12? How do you think this affects the Big East's moves?


Rotten Arsenal said...

It makes sense, really. At this point, some AQ conference is most likely going to die in the near future. It makes more sense for the other AQs (notably the weaker Big12 & ACC) to get as many of the decent teams left and keep the obvious front runner of death (Big East) from being able to stay alive. WV is about the only truly interesting team left in the BE (although I have a personal family history with Louisville and Cinci seems to be the "BCS team by default").
The Big East is going to be forced to try and tempt the decent non-AQ teams from CUSA and MWC to form what amounts to the CUSA/MWC/BE All-Star Team (after the real stars decide to sit out). If you are a team the MWC & CUSA, you might figure you have a better shot of making a Super Con and convincing the BCS to give you an AQ than joining the Titanic. WV goes, I can't see any other BE team turning down an invite to... almost anywhere.

Frogger98 said...

I agree an AQ conference is going to die. So, I think it makes sense to grab whatever schools fit in with the Big 12 and further solidify it.

From the stories I have seen MU is leaving, so grabbing a couple of other schools makes sense. I think any of them would be happy to jump now that the Big12 is stable for six years.

I don't think any of the other last ditch efforts by MWC/CUSA or BEAST are going to matter though. They already tried the superfriend conference in the 90's and it failed because there wasn't enough tv money to cover travel expenses with Hawaii in the conference. The schools they have now aren't better than those were, so I just don't see how that works.

I think when the BCS re-negotiates, they dump the BEAST due to poor performance and allow three schools to go bowling from the surviving conferences.

VikingFrog said...

Great, and I thought I would never have to hear West Virginia on ShortnKerley's iPod ever again.

Actually I think this would be great for the conference if Missouri is definitely leaving. Hell, if they end up staying add WV and someone else for the hell of it before another conference does.

EdK said...

I think adding WVU to the Big 12 could possibly make it -- top-to-bottom the second strongest football conference, behind the SEC ... and not by much. Considering the Big 12 was on death's door a month ago, it's an astounding turnaround.

WVU is a terrible school, but year in and year out it always has a good football team. Of course, what may be great for the Big 12 may not be great for TCU. Personally, I would have preferred playing Mizzou every year than the Mountaineers.

But s long as UT and OU stay put --and now, why wouldn't they? -- the Big 12 is on solid ground.

I think the logical step now is to go to 12 teams and pick up Boise State and either BYU, Air Force, Louisville or Cincinnati, make two division and add a title game. Viola!

Sir Wesley Willis said...

I agree that the B12 should probably get back to its namesake because it's always going to be the most vulnerable having the fewest members. However, a Conference with UT and OU is never going to die, so maybe it doesn't matter. I think Louisville/Cincy probably make the most sense if the Conference really wants to expand the footprint. Air Force already said no and Boise... I mean, maybe... just maybe. I'm not sold on that.

Sir Wesley Willis said...

Also, EdK, nice to see you've changed your tune on the Big 12. Second best Conference? You've really come around!

EdK said...

I don't think it's a matter of coming around sww. I've never been a fan of the Big 12, but that's the bed we're sleeping in. And there is no question -- especially with the play of Okla St and Kansas St -- that the Big 12 has about a half-dozen butt-kicking teams this year. Only the SEC comes close to that.

And even the SEC has Ole Miss, Kentucky and Vandy -- a pretty sorry trio.

The Pac-12 will be down as long as USC is a non-factor. And the Big 10, well, let's be serious.

(I was stunned and disappointed that the Badgers played so poorly last weekend.)