Monday, October 31, 2011

Weekend Roundup.

Given the current, SO CLOSE state of the Frogs re-emergence in rankings, we're going to flip the script as long as that status remains the same. In other words, we're flipping the script for 2 weeks.

Before we begin though, it's worth drawing attention to THIS article from briefly touching on Marcus Cannon's cancer being officially in remission and he is now practicing with the team. A once heartbreaking story keeps getting more and more amazing by the day and I know we all wish Marcus well in his journey. I just wish he played for a more likable organization...

But anyway, as I'm sure most of you noticed that the Frogs are sitting comfortably in 26th place in the Coaches' Poll with 55 points. This is still 67 points shy of 25th ranked Texas, but with LOLTetch going to Austin this weekend, don't be so sure they stay there. Consider that your MOvement Watch teaser for the week. The Frogs are 30th in the current AP Fake poll.

The Good:

#16 aggy 31, Mizzourah 38. See? Didn't I tell you it would be such an aggy thing to do to lose a sure thing at home to Missouri Saturday. You can pretty much give me all the credit in this one. aggy led 28-14 in the second half before performing their now weekly rolling over and playing dead act before losing in Overtime. We knew aggy can't beat the current SEC teams; Now they can't even beat the SEC teams that haven't been invited yet. Thanks for the spot, yo.

The Bad:

None. No one jumped us.

The Meh:

#26 Georgia Tech 31, #6 Clemson 17. I suppose it was bound to happen eventually, but rarely does a game that screams this much upset potential come to fruition. But this one wasn't even close as the Jackets led 24-3 at halftime and racked up 383 yards on the ground. Just Clemson being Clemson, I suppose.

#25 Southern Miss 31, UTEP 13. This one was actually tied at 10 at halftime... then stuff happened.

#24 West Virginia 41, Rutgers 31. Seriously, West Virginia? Paralyzed Rutgers DT Eric LeGrand leads the team onto the field in a wheelchair in a snowstorm and you're gonna ruin his moment with a win? Future conference hate, perhaps. Rutgers actually led this one 31-17 at halftime and 31-24 in the 4th before West Virginia got all West Virginiay. Also, if you haven't seen the highlights from this I strongly recommend a brief look just to see the weather beacuse it looked like the most miserable fan conditions of all time. Seriously, had this been one of our games we would've had a negative attendance.

#21 Georgia 24, Florida 20. Apparently Mark Richt had only beaten Florida THRICE in 11 years at the helm. That's pretty shocking. Florida has now lost 4 in a row for the first time in 20 years. Charlie Weis' offense scored 3 points in the month of October. ESSSEEEEESSSEEEEEE.

The LOL.

This will be a new section each week where we laugh at the misfortunes of those we do not care for. There were TWO winners this week, and three if you count aggy.

#19 LOLTetch 7, Iowa State 41. You read that right. In a game I figured was so in hand I did not even put it in the movement watch, Tech absolutely IMPLODED a week following their toppling of OU. Apparently Tech presumed it was well in hand as well. I did not have the distinct pleasure of watching more than the first quarter of this one, but it was a doozy if you wear red, black and herpes. The Cyclones, who are now only 1-4 in Conference play, held the Raiders to 191 yards passing and 0 TD passes. The last time Tetch was held without a TD pass? YOu guessed it, 2005 at Amon G. Synergy, we has it with the Cyclones. With the loss Tech became the only team in NCAA history to receive no votes one week, be ranked the next, and then no receive no more votes the week following.

Baylor 24, #3 Okie Lite 59. Remember that time RObert Griffin's Heisman candidacy died? Well, it probably happened at Kyle Field, but it officially unofficially ended in Stillwater. Mr. RG3 DID pass for 425 yards, but only one went for a score and he had his first multi-pick game of the year with 2. On the day the Pokes gave up 622!! yards of offense, yet led the game 49-3 in at one point in the fourth quarter. That is some serious dedication to bend but don't break tactics. The Bears had FIVE turnovers. Enjoy the bowl, Wacoites!

SMU 7, Tulsa 38. Seriously, could losing to SMU have been the key to our season? Ever since they classed up the joint in victory at Amon G, they've gone 1-2, getting outscored 65-10 in their 2 losses. You have to understand, too, that this is SMU's most experienced and talented team in over 20 years and was widely expected to go head to head with Houston for the Conference USA title. Whoopsie!! JJ McDermott had 4 INTs to complement his 0 TDs Saturday in Tulsa.

NFL Round up.

Cincy 34, Seattle 12. Helped along by punt and INT returns for scores, the Bengals blew out the Seahawks in what is typically one of the more difficult road environments in the league. Dalton finished a Dalton-esque 18/29 for 168 yards and 2 TDs, as well as 2 picks. Just win, that's all he does.

Indy 10, Tenn 27. I love how much the team has turned on itself, notably Peyton Manning because its clear they're all in for Luck at this point. Hughes had 1 tackle.

Minny 24, Carolina 21. Hopefully Jason Phillips' next tackle will be on Kicker Olindo Mare's right knee because he completely blew this one for the Panthers. It would be good practice because he had 0 tackles. Did he even play? Viking?

Cards 27, Ravens 30. OUCH!! After blasting off to a 24-6 halftime lead, the Cardinals decided to go the CJ Wilson "winning is overrated" route and absolutely laid an egg. D Wash was second on the team with 6 tackles and a pass defensed.

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