Thursday, October 27, 2011

Weekend Preview.

That's just disturbing.

Sorry for the lack of a recap Monday, but I'm assuming if Dalton didn't play, most of you probably don't care. It's the path we choose. Onward...

Game of the Week.

Cincinnati Bengals @ Seattle Seahawks. 3:15PM. CBS. After a well deserved off week following a 4-2 start, Dalton and the not-so-Bungals look to continue their hot streak against Hawthorne and the lowly Seahawks. And I mean lowly like, "getting beat 3-6 by the Browns" lowly. How they managed to upend the Giants, we may never know... and it's a good lesson in why you should never bet on sports. The Seahawks are on the lower end of the pass defense spectrum, giving up 250 yards per game, so Dalton should've have TOO much resistance. However, how interesting will it be the first time Hawthorne gets in the backfield and has a chance to lay a lick on him? Or has a chance to pick one of his passes? D Hawth has been a bit of a machine on tackles this year, leading the team with 40, including a sack, and also recorded a pick last week against Colt McCoy. Dalton hasn't been lighting the world on fire through the air, but he's done as much as you'd expect a first year starting rookie to do, and you can't argue with the results. Given that Seattle plays the run a lot better than they do the pass, it might be up to Dalton to come up with a late save.

Other Games.

Jacksonville @ Houston. Sunday. Noon. CBS. After grinding out perhaps the most boring, depressing, offense destroying football game in history against Baltimore, Drew Coleman and the Jags look to make it two in a row against the suddenly hot Houston Texans. I say suddenly hot because, let's be honest, without Mario Williams and Andre Johnson, there wasn't anyone in the country that expected them to go on the road and whip Tennessee as they did last Sunday. If the Texans can win this one, they should have a near cake-walk to the division title and their first playoff berth. Let's hope Coleman and the league's sixth ranked passing D can stop this from happening because Houston should never experience happiness.

Indianapolis @ Tennessee. Sunday. Noon. CBS. Yeesh. Has a team not coached by Avery Johnson ever quit on their coach like the Colts are currently doing? YOWZA. Fortunately, Jerry Hughes hasn't played much and can't have much blame pinned on him. Unfortunately he can't break the lineup for a defense that just gave up 62 points to New Orleans.

Carolina vs. Minnesota. Sunday. Noon. Fox. Despite having the league's 5th highest rated passing game, 8th rated ground game and 12th rated rush defense, the Panthers are still a pretty solid failure of a team at 2-6. However, is it a coincidence that they played their best game of the year this past week against Washington in a 33-20 win after inserting Jason Phillips into the starting lineup. NO! The answer is no. Phillips contributed 2 tackles in the win and has 4 for the year. Minnesota is REALLY bad and Carolina is at home, so look for the Panthers to make it two in a row before falling back to earf.

Arizona @ Bodymore, Murdaland. Sunday. Noon. Fox. This is truly a matchup FOR THE BIRDS. Umm.. that's all I have. Sorry, D Wash - at least you play football in a community teeming with porn stars.

And now... so not to be a tease... here's a BONUS bebe Movement Watch!!!! Clearly we're only looking at the Coaches Poll, per usual, because it's the only one that counts towards the BCS, and it's the only one we're getting super votes in. As a reminder, TCU has 33 votes this week, putting them in 28th place and a pretty fair pace behind 25th ranked Southern Brett Favre University, who has 128.

Game to Keep Two Eyes on.

#21 Georgia vs. Florida. Saturday, 2:30PM. CBS. Remember those days when the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party used to be near must see television? Ehhhh, not so much anymore. These are definitely two teams headed in different directions at present with the Bulldogs winning 5 in a row after dropping their opening two; the Gators have lost three in a row after winning their opening four. Florida QB John Brantley is expected to return but how effective will he be with an injured ankle? With South Carolina losing QB Stephen Garcia and RB Marcus Lattimore, the winner of this one could wind up in the drivers seat for being slaughtered in the SEC Championship by Alabama or LSU. Georgia is the favorite, but if the Gators can win this one for the fourth straight year, that's one less team we have to look at ahead of us in the standings.

#24 West Virginia @ Rutgers. Saturday, 2:30PM. ABC. After that humiliation at the hands of Syracuse last Friday evening, West Virginia looks to regroup on the road against a surprisingly potent Rutgers team, who are also coming off a loss. Both teams sit at 5-2 and a game in the loss column behind BEast Leader Cincy in the Conference standings, so this one is pretty pivotal for remaining in the race to get massacred in the Fiesta Bowl come January. Do we pull for our potential future Conference mate the Mountaineers? Nah, let's take their spot.

#25 Southern Miss @ UTEP. Saturday. 7:00PM. SHOCKINGLY untelevised. Probably a lot to ask, but could be a comedown game for the Golden Eagles after their bitch slapping of SMU. Seriously Eagles, only WE can treat SMU like that! ...except for this year. sad face. Also, curious things happen in El Paso on gameday. Things like this:

#26 Georgia Tech @ #6 Clemson. Saturday. 7:00PM. ABC. After opening the season as the most overrated team in the country thanks to a CAKE schedule, the Yellowjackets have come back to earth a little bit following consecutive losses to Virginia and Miami. Clemson comes into this one having taken the opposite approach to success, parlaying an early season squeaker against Wofford into 50 point explosions against their last two ACC foes. The smart money is on Clemson, but then again, this IS Clemson we're talking about, a team that often races out to hot starts only to falter down the stretch. Regardless, we want them to win so GT can go away for a while.

Game to Keep One Eye on.

Missouri @ #16 aggy. Saturday. 11:00AM. FX. With two losses on the year to top ten ranked foes, aggy remains the highest multiple loss team in the standings. It's hard to say if a third loss would completely drop them out of the rankings, but I just think it'd be a VERY aggy thing to do to lose a sure thing at home against Missouri. Cause it happened last year.


The Showstopper said...

USM at UTEP is on CBS Sports. It's a game to keep an eye on.

Seriously, if USM, Houston, and Cincy all lose 1 more game and we inexplicably knock off the Donkeys in a few weeks, we'll be sitting pretty to be in another BCS game - whether we deserve it or not.

That scenario should have us as MWC Champ in the top 16 and ahead of the Big East champ, guaranteeing us a trip to Miami or New Orleans.

Chet Steadman said...

I don't think there is any way a 2 loss non-bcs school gets in a BCS game over a one loss BCS school. I think its probably going to be Vegas Bowl either way.

shortnkerley's said...

Yeah that's pretty silly. We will never be "sitting pretty" to go to a bcs game this year. That ship has sailed, like in September.

shortnkerley's said...

I don't think we jump Boise even if we beat them anyways. I like the optimism, but it's unrealistic.

EdK said...

OK, so it's a 500-1 shot, but I'm all for entertaining the fantasy.

Let's say TCU wins out. The Frogs will probably be sitting around 14th or 15th. If Boise loses to TCU, they easily drop out of the top 10, maybe to 12, 13? Lower? Come that last BCS poll, do the Frogs leap over Boise? Maaaaybe.

AND there is a solid chance that a MWC champ finishes ahead of the Big East champ. Even the ACC champ, if Clemson drops a pair. Not likely, but not impossible. It won't matter if TCU has more losses than an SEC runnerup, because of the BCS rules, which showstopper mentioned.

What year was it that the TCU press releases always say that the Frogs would have been in a BCS game if the present rules applied?

Anyway, it's a long, long, longshot. But it IS fun to think about. What's the point of shutting the door on that dream with half a season to go?

What could trim the odds -- which is even MORE unlikely -- is that Baylor starts knocking off Big 12 giants, boosting TCU's SOS.

OK, it's a 1,000 to 1.

shortnkerley's said...

You'd also need UGA to start losing again, bc that win is looking better and better for Boise the more UGA wins.

FrogHorn07 said...

Ok so we need:
1) we win out and clime to 16th in BCS.
2) Boise loses 2
3) Houson lose 1
4) Big East, ACC ot Pac-12 Champ ranked lower than 16
5) Southern Miss lose 1

King D'Anconia said...

By the way: So much unprovoked Houston Hate on Spit Blood these past few weeks. Typical Dallas....

(Yes I am aware the Astros sucked this year but for MLB to ask us to move to the AL West....Now THAT is mean.)

LOLfolding said...

Am I the only person who would really like to go to the Las Vegas bowl, just once before we're in a conference that has zero shot of playing in a game of that stature? Surely I'm not the only problem gambler that trolls this site.

Also, screw Jacksonville.

Dave said...
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D said...

"By the way: So much unprovoked Houston Hate on Spit Blood these past few weeks. Typical Dallas...."


Rotten Arsenal said...

Oh King D'Anconia... we no likey the Dallas... go back to your copper mine empire and think about why Dagny doesn't love you anymore.

Sir Wesley Willis said...

We're pretty equal opportunity haters here - I'm just trying to give Houston their due because, come on, that place is just as bad as Dallas.