Monday, October 3, 2011

Time to move on

First of all, congratulations to June Jones and his Mustangs on a game well played and for the victory. For the interest of the future of this great rivalry, I wish you all good luck the rest of the way in 2011 and until these two teams meet again in Dallas next fall.

As for the Frogs and the purple-clad fanbase, it's just time to move on. I'm not going to try to downplay how much Saturday sucked or how painful it is to lose two drama-filled games to your two oldest rivals. And I'm certainly not going to just gloss over the problems that this year's team has, especially on defense. But to listen to and read some TCU fans' comments after this loss, you'd think that our football program is boarding up the windows in preparation for the end of the world.

If you thought this team would go undefeated again this year and would have no problem adjusting to life after the legendary senior class that graduated after the Rose Bowl, you're foolish. If you expected them to, you're an idiot who probably secretly has a closet full of burnt orange. Even though the team that eventually hoisted the trophy in Pasadena grew up ahead of pace, finishing in the Top 10 in '08 and '09, there were still plenty of growing pains along the way. This current crop of underclassmen may not blossom as quickly, and honestly in the end they may not achieve the same amount of glory- but a Gary Patterson coached team will improve and will get back to a place where they are in control of every ballgame they play.

I know things seem pretty low right now, and I'm not going to even come close to guaranteeing a victory over San Diego State this weekend, but I do think we have a lot more good times to look forward to. There are a lot of fans out there that would kill to have a team coming off 46 straight weeks of being ranked. Despite the struggles of the early part of this season, TCU is still a program very much headed in the right direction, so for now let's just enjoy the fact that 3-2 is what we consider a "disaster" these days and look forward to the day that this young team has its break-through. Because whenever that may be- it is coming.

Go Frogs!


JOGOFROGS2006 said...

Great perspective and thank you for writing this. Us young alumni are totally spoiled to recent Frog success and don't know how to navigate these more trying times in Horned Frog Football. I have no doubt this is a young team that has some maturity lessons to learn before becoming the well-oiled machine GP designs them to be. We will remain faithful (and remain in the stands). Go Frogs!

Geezer Frog said...

In order to amend the stigma from prior posts, I have decided to become a kinder, gentler Geezer Frog. I hope the avatar reflects this change appropriately.

In the meantime SpitBlooders need to get a grip. As the Sports Babe used to say, "Quit whining! Score More Points!!"

You also need to have a little gusto in life, so let's see how we can do moving Pachall in the O'Brien voting. Register and vote daily. He's as good as most of these goofballs they're touting, and it would also make a statement about our fans.

Rotten Arsenal said...

I don't know Geezer... I'm with Dan Jenkins. The DOB Award is pretty much dead to me after the way they treated Rooster. And then they give it to Scam Newton. They may have his name, but other than that, that Award is just another BCS Ball Licking Device.

And just in case I haven't made myself clear, I went into this season with low expectations, no BCS thoughts, probably not even MWC Title. I figured this was an extended Big East Pre-Season. I'll still be at every home game from Kickoff to Alma Mater screaming for our boys no matter the score.
In the name of Gary, Casey, and Tank, Amen.

Geezer Frog said...

The O'Brien is pretty much bogus as it is these days. I mean they've touted Dennard Robinson!

This would be a show of support for the Frogs, more than anything else.

By the way, I made it to the Varsity this weekend when I was in town. Great stuff!

NurseFrog31 said...

I will admit I'm one of the spoiled fans. But I did say 9-3 season before we started, so I guess I need to not be surprised/upset when they lose a game. I'm over it now. Let's just finish out the rest of the season.

Go Frogs.

Travis said...

This is exactly what I thought yesterday. TCU has been great for the past 3 seasons but before that, we were more like this team. GP will make this team contenders