Thursday, October 13, 2011

This Weekend's Games of Interest

Boise State (5-0) at Colorado State (3-2) ~ 5:00pm Saturday on The Mtn
-CSU has had two weeks to prepare for the Broncos, but do we really expect that to make a difference? The only interest I have in watching this one is to see the inevitable sign from a dumbass Boise State fan pointing out that the Rams are wearing green jerseys while playing on a green field. They fail to realize that the whole rule about them wearing blue at home isn't about any competetive advantage- it's about trying to help them not look stupid.

San Diego State (3-2) at Air Force (3-2) ~ 7:00pm tonight on CBS-College
-Savvy move by CBS-College to set aside this Mountain West 3rd place game for a Thursday night broadcast. I guarantee this game is more entertaining than the train-wreck that The Office has become. I know I'll be interested to see who wins this game, so that we can judge which road performance by the Frogs was more impressive.

UNLV (1-4) at Wyoming (3-2) ~ 1:00pm Saturday on The Mtn
-Things have really turned south for Doo-Doo Brown lately, as they've followed up a 3-0 start with a 38-14 loss to Nebraska and a 63-19 loss to Utah State. If you're going to laugh at a blowout loss to a nobody team from Utah, though, I feel compelled to bring up UNLV's 41-16 setback at the hands of Southern Utah. They followed that gem up with a 37-0 loss to Nevada last week, so this one's really shaping up as a good one...

New Mexico (0-5) at Nevada (2-3) ~ 3:00pm Saturday
-Not even Vince Gilligan could get such Albuquerque-related graphic violence on TV. New Mexico ought to be 0-6 before heading to Fort Worth next week, and you've got to think they're heavily regretting ever firing Rocky Long.

TCU non-conference opponents:

Baylor (4-1) vs. Texas A&M (3-2) ~ 11:00am Saturday on FX
-Sir Wesley Willis and I were discussing this game (which I cannot WAIT to watch!) and how the best part is that one of these teams has to lose. I'm not much of a gambler, but I've got to think the over/under for this one is somewhere around 125 given the superior offenses and turrrble defenses involved. Hopefully the FX cameras get some footage from the awesome A&M tailgates.

SMU (4-1) vs. Central Florida (3-2) ~ 2:30pm Saturday on FSN
-This is one of the few times that SMU will face a decent defense in Conference USA. The Mustangs are trying to keep pace with Houston in the Western Division, and to do so they'll have to take care of one of the Eastern Division favorites. The injection of however many Orlando douchebags into the douchebaggery of The Boulevard ought to be an interesting backdrop for any amateur sociologists out there.

BYU (4-2) at Oregon State (1-4) ~ 4:00pm Saturday on Fox College Sports
-The Beavers have shown some improvement since their season-opening loss to Sacramento State, culminating in a win over Arizona last week, but they are still a shell of the Rodgers brothers-led team that took on the Frogs in Arlington last year. This one's got meh written all over it.

Louisiana-Monroe (1-4) at Troy (2-3) ~ 6:00pm Saturday on
-Veteran's Memorial Stadium on the campus of Troy University used to be named Movie Gallery Stadium, until that company filed for bankruptcy and ceased operations in 2010. I feel like all of that might be my fault, since I rented Wet Hot American Summer at a Movie Gallery located inside a Wal-Mart while working as a camp counselor in the summer of 2002. I still have that copy. Sorry!

Portland State (3-2) at Montana (3-2) ~ 2:00pm Saturday
-Montana has appeared in the FCS national championship game seven times since 1995 (two under former Wyoming coach Joe Glenn and three under current UNLV coach Bobby Hauck), so a win in Missoula by Portland State would be quite the accomplishment.

This is a fun change, huh? But I'm sure you'll all be missing my UConn and Rutgers previews, won't you?

Oklahoma (5-0) at Kansas (2-3) ~ 8:00pm Saturday on ESPN2
-This one could get ugly. The Jayhawks have already allowed 66 points to Georgia Tech and 70 against Oklahoma State last week, so style points-minded Bob Stoops isn't likely to take it easy on them. Most KU fans probably don't even give a shit about this game, since basketball season and their annual disappointing second-round exit are just around the corner.

Oklahoma State (5-0) at Texas (4-1) ~ 2:30pm Saturday on ABC
-By now, you've probably already heard the stat that the Longhorns are undefeated in the week after the AT&T Red River Rivalry under Mack Brown. That will obviously be tested this Saturday when the Pokes come to Austin. I actually think they've got a shot to pull it off, though.

Kansas State (5-0) at Tetch (4-1) ~ 6:00pm Saturday on FSN
-I always felt like the Red Raiders were probably more comfortable playing against Big 12 North teams, since most of their fans would actually consider Lubbock to be a beautiful, metropolitan oasis. This will be their second straight week hosting a Top 25 team, and it'll be interesting to see if they continue their one-game streak of vandalizing their opponents' busses...which are actually owned by a charter company in Lubbock instead of the visiting university.

Iowa State (3-2) at Missouri (2-3) ~ 1:00pm Saturday
-This is one of those games that I would always talk shit about...before TCU joined the Big 12. But now that the Frogs will be playing each of these teams on an annual basis (unless Missouri gets the head-scratching SEC invite that's been rumored for a while now), I guess I'll tune in...except that it's not on TV. Oh well.

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