Wednesday, October 26, 2011

TCU/Boise Game Watching Party.

Are you one of the folks NOT kicking yourself for NOT spending money on a trip to beautiful, cosmopolitan Boise, Idaho for a good ole fashion butt kickin'? Well then here's an option that will not only have you watching the the game, but contributing to a good cause as well! The good folks at Edwards Ranch have put together a watch party benefitting Friends of Spitblood the Purple People Seaters. Tickets are only $25 in advance which includes food AND beer and, for those who like to get their roll on south of the border, margarita machines will be on site as well.

I'll be honest - I wasn't sure what Edwards Ranch was before this event came up, but it sounds like a very cool place. Basically, it's an outdoor events venue along the Trinity River west of Hulen, right behind the shopping center with Tom Thumb, Chipotle, Red Hot and Blue, Charleston's etc. At least for the game it will have a large jumbo screen and several smaller, less-jumbo screens showing the match. There will also be segregated areas for children and adults, so no worries about the multiple F bombs you will ultimately drop to coincide with the perfect passes Kellen Moore drops over the heads of our secondary.

The folks there are planning to use this game watching party as a measuring stick of sorts for the venue's potential going forward. If a lot of folks show up and love it, I have a feeling there could be more events of this sort going forward. If not, well, they'll probably still keep fighting the good fight, but who knows! YOUR attendance could be the difference between commercial success or failure. So no pressure or anything. From the folks I've talked to about this event, only a few were familiar with Edwards Ranch at all, so regardless this would be a great opportunity to check the place out. So if you're a fan of food, booze, being outside and TCU football, come on down. And if you're not a fan of progress, commercialism and good time havin', go join the 99%.

I realize the tendency most of us will have to watch this one alone in a dark room in the fetal position with only a bottle of Jack Daniels to comfort us, but we aren't allowed to turn into nauseatingly pessimistic hipster fans until we join the Big 12, so come on out. For the kids.

P.S. - They're also looking for volunteers to help set up the event, so if you're interested shoot an email to the mailsack or TheFinch and we can get your information to the appropriate source.


Frogger98 said...

TCU 42 - Boise 28. Write. It. Down.

Sir Wesley Willis said...

You, sir, are ballsy

HFrog77 said...

I'll see the rest of you in Boise. Frogs roll on the blue!

Shelley said...

I might be able to help set up. Who do I need to contact? ( I know you said "shoot you an e-mail, but I don't know your address)

shortnkerley's said... or