Friday, October 14, 2011

Spit Blood Predictions: The Rest of 2011

With no game this weekend, you might've been expecting a predictions post-free Friday. But being that we're halfway through the 2011 season and that we've taken part of the week to take a look back at the progress made in the first half, let's take this opportunity to register our thoughts on how the rest of the current campaign will go.

In the comments section, let us know what you think the Frogs' record will be over their last six regular-season games (including who the W's and L's will come against), what bowl game they'll go to, who'll they'll play there and if they'll win it. Of course, I guess that means I'm assuming they'll win at least two more games...maybe some of you 'sky is falling' crowd will think differently, I don't know.

Also make your pick for one player on offense and one on defense that you think will step up and have a much-improved second half of the season. And unless you're a DH-hating Astros fan (enjoy the final days of your "rivalries" with the Cubs and Cardinals), let us know how you think tomorrow's ALCS Game 6 (and possibly Sunday's Game 7) will go.


Tyler said...

Wins - Everybody but Boise
Loss- Boise

Bowl - Vegas against Washington. We win.

MVP Offense - Pachall
MVP Defense - Maponga

Improved Offense - Hicks
Improved Defense - Verrett

Rangers lose game 6, 7 then play the Astros to get their confidence back and lose to them also.

FrogHorn07 said...

Wins: New Mexico (blow out alert), BYU (with epic 4th qrt come back), Colorado State (blow out alert), UNLV (blow out alert), Wyoming (closer than expected).

Loss: Boise State (this could be an ugly loss, not just because "The Blue" looks nasty on TV).

Bowl: Vegas versus UCLA, win (blow out alert).

MVPs Pachall and Maponga

Improved in final 6 games: Cuba and Carter (mostly in punt returns)

Sir Wesley Willis said...

UNM - lulz

BYU - probably a lot closer than anyone expects, but I think TCU wins by 10. BYU is chock full o fail - you saw how bad they lost at home to Utah followed by how badly Utah has lost in Pac 12 play, right?

Wyoming - I hate playing in Laramie, but yeesh. Those guys are even worse than we are at playing defense!!

BYU - FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUDGGGEEEEEE. I think we lose by 20. Boise will still be undefeated and want to prove a point. Our team this year doesn't have the killer instinct for the upset.

CSU - I'll be interested to see how they fare this weekend. We should beat them at home, regardless.

UNLV - more lulz.

I think Ed will wind up being the offensive MVP, despite the time missed. Other than that, I agree with all of Tyler's picks.

As for the bowls, it depends entire on Boise and SDSU. If Boise goes BCS, then we are locked in for Vegas. If Boise doesn't go BCS, then they're in Vegas, SDSU is in Poinsettia and we're in Shreveport. But, as I predict Boise to win out, I think we wind up in Vegas against the loser of the Washington/Washington State game. I'm thinking Washington State. Yuck.

I think Dutch stops being such a faggot and wins tomorrow... and that's mostly because I'm going and I'm selfish and I want to witness a win.

Lyle Lanley said...

Before the season, I picked the Frogs to go 10-2 with the two losses coming before a win on the blue turf. So I'll stick with that, but I'm not all that confident in it.

Even if we beat Boise and were conference champs, I don't want the Vegas Bowl. They've passed on the Frogs before, so I say fuck 'em and let's all drive to Shreveport to face an ACC team. I'll guess NC State and a TCU victory followed by a postgame meal at Herby K's. Maybe stay an extra day to work in a lunch at Strawn's and the invebitable epic food coma.

Most improved on offense...Brandon Carter. Fuenderson will figure out some creative ways for him to contribute.

Most improved on defense...the secondary as a whole. They won't be elite, but their improved play will help Tank get back to his playmaking ways.

Game 6: Holland goes 4 or 5, followed by 2 or 3 from Feldman from Across the Hall. Adams/Neffy in to close it out after Boomstick goes deep again.

shortnkerley's said...

9-3 season with a bad loss at boise.

Offense- ummm, Boyce?!?!? Duh.

Defense- Theponga

Vegas Bowl against a bottom tier PAC-12 team, which gives EdK something for the spank bank.

Rangers win tomorrow thanks to great relief work once again from Feldman and Ogando. Nellie hits another bomb. Holland blows.

shortnkerley's said...

Lyle and I with eerily similar baseball predictions posted at the exact same time. So that has to happen now right??

Porkins said...

It all comes down to the Boise St. Game. If we win, and I said if. Would we jump into the top 12 and pass Boise. If so, we go to a BCS even with two losses.

This is not as far fetched as everyone thinks. Boise always seems to play one or two teams close every year. They can't help it.

We will be going into this game as a large underdog, and maybe, just maybe they will have a chip on their shoulder, and play like it is the fourth quarter and we are needing a huge come from behind win. That is when we play our best.

You heard it here first.

TCU beats Boise St.
Jumps them in the polls and goes to a third consecutive BCS game.

Porkins said...

Rangers blow out the tigers on Saturday. All because Holland shaves that stupid porn stache.

LA Frog said...

I still have faith that GMFP has something to say about his boys going into blue potato land. TCU wins the rest of them

Bowl: Vegas vs UCLA...TCU wins..Neuheisel fired during post-game

O MVP: Boyce
D MVP: the Mafumba-maker (wow, that's bad)

O Most Improved: Boyce
D Most Improved: Verrett and Battle -- we need good CBs in the Big 12

Rangers win Game 6

Astros are going American...where was I? Time to put the team back in the dome go with the retro unis and have fun with all the losing

EdK said...

Viva Las Vegas!

A couple of people said they want to say "Screw You" to the LV Bowl committee for passing us over. Good thing they did -- we got to beat an undefeated BSU team and finish in the top ten, remember?

I think BYU is actually going to be a nail-biter, and I'm holding out hope that the Frogs blitz their asses off and beat the Blue Man Group -- Kellan Moore has all day, every day to pass. That, I think, is the key.

All I want before Christmas is a healthy, hungry Tank Carder.

D said...

If we can get 4 wins for the second half of the season, I'm happy.

For now, enjoying watching this team develop and progress each week.

If the Boise game is close and the Frogs make a statement, win or lose, I'm happy. That is all.

MVPO - Wesley
MVPD - Ponga


HornyFrog said...

i think we only lose to Boise. But I wouldn't be surprised if we pull the upset. The kids are only going to get better, and there is a chance we catch Boise off guard...wildfrog with matt brown?

purpleheart said...

The boys have a come to Jesus meeting this weekend and magically pull off a 6-0 the rest of the season. Including owning Boise's soul on the smurf turf.

Everyone else in college football falls to shit and we go on to play the National Championship game and win.

O- Pachall
D- Maponga (if for no other reason than I like that name) and Carter

Rangers have a blow out game 6 and continue to win the world series in 6 also.

Side note, anyone see this little gem today...

NurseFrog31 said...

We're going 9-3. I've been saying it since the beginning. If we beat Boise, I will die of shock.

My bowl vote is Shreveport... I'm not one of the trust fund kids, I need some place I can get to this year.

Offense - Pachall. Dude's a badass, we just need to stop trying to make him run.

Defense - Love me some Maponga

Rangers baseball has been much, much kinder to me this year than football has (Cowboys fan here too), so I will continue to trust in Wash and say Rangers win it tomorrow, get a few days rest, and dominate the Fall Classic. Mark it.

In other news... when am I getting my Morning Dump shirt? I'm dying to rock that puppy.