Friday, October 28, 2011

Morning Dump

Frogs vs BYU, the edge Star-Telegram

Recovery of injured lineman became a rallying point

Will TCU game define Cougars season?
Salt Lake Tribune

BYU seeks redemtion against TCU
Deseret News

BYU's own Tim Tebow?
Deseret News

Cougars should compete but will come up short
Deseret News

Cougars have to defend the 'unconventional' when playing Horned Frogs
Deseret News


EdK said...

Fabulous baseball game last night, by the way.

I actually surfed the BYU channel afterward -- not because I am a religious nutjob but because I assumed they would have some stuff on today's game -- and found a replay of the 2007 TCU-BYU game.

What was interesting to notice, and not unrelated to this season's team, was this:

1) After the loss, that team -- the MWC preseason favorite -- fell to 5-5. On the field, it looked like a TCU all-star team ... Hawthorne, Blake, Phillips, Washington, Roach, Manferdini, Brown, Lindner, Bonner, etc.

2) How that team lost five games is still a mystery, although they got their butts whipped that day by a GREAT BYU team: Pitta, Unga, Collie ... you get the idea.

3) Andy Dalton looked awful. Terrible. El Stinko. Yes, he was a freshman and look how he finished his career?

4) Sophomore Rafael Priest got burned repeatedly. Yeah. Believe it. Think our secondary this year is going to be bad all the time? Priest wound up being a tremendous cornerback.

5) Marcus Cannon allowed a sack. It was a shocker to see. Oh, yeah, he was a freshman too.

The point of all this is that TCU looked awful that night and after that loss went 39-3 going into this season. 39-3!

VikingFrog said...

The baseball game tonight is going to screw us attendance wise. I'm very worried about it. As a Twins fan, I have come to enjoy this Rangers team and I think the choice to watch one or the other is legitimate for Rangers fans looking for their first world series. BUT, the fact that there is a choice is going to mean less butts in the seats than there would have been had the Rangers pulled it off last night.

I have a sick feeling the crowd at the game is going to be very poor.

Sir Wesley Willis said...

It won't be very good, viking. Like, at all.