Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It never stops

Despite most TCU fans tuning out after the Frogs were invited to the Big 12, the conference realignment drama continues as the Mizzouri to the SEC rumors are heating up again. If they were to become the third Tigers in that conference, the Big 12 would again be left with just nine teams. That begs the questions, do you expand back to 10 or all the way back to 12? And what schools do you go after to get there?

BYU, Louisville and West Virginia are the most talked-about candidates, and there are dozens of other schools out there that would gladly fire their longest-tenured faculty members or cut their

most-respected academic program to even get a sniff from the Big 12. So how many (and who) would you add if Missouri does indeed leave?


Zachary said...

I would add arizona, Arizona state and SMEW

shortnkerley's said...

Pretty sure the Arizonas aren't gonna leave the PAC-12. And SMU? Really??

FrogHorn07 said...

Add BYU and stay at 10, everyone plays everyone. No chance to get your NC contender destroyed with a championship game at the end of the season.

Frogger98 said...

Pie in the sky:
1) Notre Dame
2) Arkansas
3) West Virginia

1) West Virginia
2) BYU
2) Louisville

EdK said...

The only teams that will join the Big 12-10-9 are either non-AQ teams or leftovers from the Big East (if it fails to get at least two new "good" teams and folds).

BYU is out, which is why TCU got in.

If Mizzou goes, the three I wish would join are Air Force, Houston and Boise State. But I don't think that's going to happen.

(Anybody, please, but SMU.)

Rotten Arsenal said...

The only reason the B12 would look at SMU (or Houston for that matter) would be to keep the BE from entering TX and gaining any sort of traction. Be better to take teams that would further weaken the BE instead of propping them up.

Rabble Rouser said...

Hammer it out with BYU, whatever it takes, and then stay at 10. They bring history, a large fanbase, and decent athletics.

If BYU isn't doable add Boise State, who would at least add football credibility.

Sir Wesley Willis said...

Yeah apparently the networks were not interested in BYU... which is kind of strange considering ESPN signed them to a semi-exclusive deal, so perhaps you can't believe everything you hear. But, all word is that BYU is out of the running.

Yeah, pac 10 and SEC dudes are super out.

Rumoredly the Big East upped their exit fees to 10 million, but I can't imagine WVU and Louisville would've signed such a document with all the shuffling still going on, right?

Air Force has already said they would not join the Big 12 because of recruiting disadvantages.

I think the B12 should add Louisville and be done with it for the time being. Makes more geographic sense than WVU and the markets are presumably comparable in that they are both undesirable.

EdK said...

I agree sww. WVU will probably wind up in the ACC eventually -- but the university is considered so bad that even adding a great football team isn't worth it to many conferences.

Rotten Arsenal said...

I wouldn't mind Louisville at all, mostly because I have a lot of friends and family from Louisville and would enjoy the away games.

NurseFrog31 said...

My boss and I have this discussion at least once a week. Bring back Arkansas, SMU and Houston to bring the conference back to 12. This accomplishes a few things:
1. Really kicks aggy on their way out the door. (Oh you wanna go to the SEC? We'll take Houston. See how easily you are reaplaced?)
2. Keeps the other conferences from getting a foothold in Texas recruiting.
3. Keeps all the money from the TV deals in this region (mostly Texas).
3. Gives us a few easy wins in conference every year.
4. Nearly every away game will be easy to get to, and we get back some old rivalries. More fun for the fans.

Only downside is we give SMU everything they want. I could deal with that every time we crush their souls on the field, though.

shortnkerley's said...

Nobody will leave PAC 12 or SEC for the Big 12, so let's go ahead and give up those far fetched scenarios.

NurseFrog31 said...

We got into the Big 12 and I literally thought hell would freeze first. I feel like anything is possible at this point.

shortnkerley's said...

Big 12 needed help and was kinda desperate. Sec and PAC 12 seem incredibly stable. Nobody leaving there, just wanting to join.