Saturday, October 1, 2011

Immediate Rotten Reaction

I realize that others shall discuss the game in fine detail, this is my immediate hate filled reaction.
  • Worst Officiated Game I have ever seen. Seriously. I thought we'd get some shit from MWC Zebras in conference play, but I don't think even they can screw us as badly as those CUSA a-holes today. Really enjoyed the ballcap that matched SMU's uniforms and the umpire that became the Ponies actual 12th Man defender.
  • June Jones is a Grade A Douchebag. And he dresses like a homeless slob.
  • Our guys lacked intensity for most of the game. This is the effing Skillet! If that doesn't motivate you, we might as well just forfeit to Boise State Right now.
  • Coaching... I trust CGP without hesitation or reservation, but he has got to start riping those guys to pieces in practice. And I don't ever want to see an offensive scheme that conservative again. Did Schultz get rehired?
  • Skye Dawson... dude... we know you are a speed freak, but seriously... you need to play football and not try to run track during games. Catch the ball, hold on to the ball, and stop trying to zigzag because it just doesn't work.
  • SMU players and fans. Congrats... you managed to barely win against what may be our worst team in years. It took you overtime after blowing a 17 point lead and the most biased officiating ever to beat us. And we sucked. Seriously... congrats.
  • Game ball goes to Ross Evans who was the most well prepared looking guy on the field and the TCU Fans who (mostly) came, stayed, and were LOUD!
I'm not proud of our guys like I was after Baylor. They fought back from a bigger deficit, on the road, against a team that I can't argue against their ability. This was at home against a team that is not THAT good. Even with the officiating we should have been able to win this.

Now I'm going to get wasted and shout obscenities at neighborhood children.


VikingFrog said...

Our boys came out flat. Enough said.

Fumble at the second half kick was devestating.

Mason said...
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Auxilio said...

I'm not looking at the numbers or anything, but it seemed like our play calling had a much bigger effect on the outcome than the officiating. Not that the officiating is good. It was downright horrible, it's like they forgot how to be referees. I believe I can remember two occasions where they actually got in the way of the play, and took forever deciding some obvious decisions. I'm normally the last to claim that the referees are biased, but it certainly appeared that way today.

Back to the play calling-can someone explain why we went for the 2pt conversion? I was trying to imagine a situation where we needed that but got too distracted with the game going on to figure it out. All the short screen passes were annoying, as well as the short option. We can't throw it deep every time, but if we burn them on one or two deep passes that would have opened up our run game.

Of course, I don't want to use officiating as the excuse we lost. We definitely had much bigger problems. SMU played decent football. We played horrible and still nearly won.

VikingFrog said...

Also, I don't blame the game on the refs at all because we flat out lost that game ourselves. But, there were a couple of very obvious delay of game penalties where the playclock had obviously expired. Maybe they were running off a different clock than me.


VikingFrog said...

Id like to see a stat on how many plays over 10 yards we have given up on 3rd and 4th down.

Ridiculous. I don't even get loud any more on 3rd. I just find a corner and wet myself.

VikingFrog said...


Mason said...
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Auxilio said...

It seemed like there was a 100% conversion rate for 3rd downs.

Rotten Arsenal said...

The fact that we still had the opportunity to win in OT means that we could have overcome the terrible officiating. I can't be sure that they didn't really affect the game to the ponies benefit, but we absolutely screwed the pooch numerous times.
I too question the 2pt. Yes, had we converted we would have been 8 down, but that would only benefit if if we scored another TD AND another 2pt. Had we kicked the XP, we would have been down by 9 and doing the exact same things we did in the 4th, we would have won by one, no OT.
No, everybody on the field (except, oddly enough, Ross Evans) can take the blame for this one. Unless Gary gets these guys to step it up, then we're playing for absolutely nothing the rest of the season. BCS is out and BSU will kill us so no MWC Title.
And from now on, if you think a QB keeper is going to be a useful play, start rotating in Matt Brown or something... Casey looks like he wears concrete shoes.

Another positive aspect? Since our season is shot, every loss hurts BSU's title shot. And now I'm glad Baylor lost today.

Rotten Arsenal said...

I felt the same way on 3D, VikingFrog. By the 4th QTR, I was just standing there chewing on my hat and forcing myself to watch whatever unbelievable f-up gave SMU a first down. I'm to the point that a 2nd and 1 scares me less than 3rd and 22.

Auxilio said...

Out of high school, we had a crappy football team. I come to TCU and I didn't really know much about the school or its football history. Then I get all wrapped up in it and I couldn't stop reading enough about our team. So far, being there at the Rose Bowl was one of the highlights of my life.

Now, TCU looks, at least for this year, like it's just going to be a "decent" team. More wins than losses, but not accomplishing anything huge. I guess having three damned good years of football should make me thankful.

Sir Wesley Willis said...

Let teams have their shots this year. It's not a rivalry if one team always wins. We will lose to sdsu and Boise but win the rest.

And Greg McCoy is seriously football aids. AIDS. And you knew we were fucked with all that devin Johnson

Rotten Arsenal said...

You have no idea, Auxilio. My first season as Alumni was 1997. We won 1 game... the last game of the season at home against SMU and that ended their bowl hopes. Before that, as a kid, my Mom would get season tickets during the 80's and we'd go watch those less than euphoric contests. Those of us that went to TCU before the end of the SWC will pretty much tell you that a true Frog Fan is a hardline pessimist.
So, as someone who can remember the craptastic years, I went into this season considering this to be a "learning year." I hoped to be surprised, but so far, I haven't. In fact, at this point in the season, I'm concerned that our young team either isn't learning as fast as I thought they would or Gary and Co cant figure out how to get them in shape.
I still believe that after this year we're going to come back with a vengeance, but this year is getting hard to watch because the talent is freaking there but the execution isn't.

Rotten Arsenal said...

SWW... I completely agree with the first part. Despite our shortcomings thus far, we're actually just a few miscues away from 5-0... this is a rebuilding team and everybody has those years. We're fortunate that we're to the point that our rebuilding years are competitive for teams in their prime.

The second part... well, I'm still undecided on McCoy. I mean, yeah he hasn't been great on D, but let's be honest... we weren't that good on secondary last year. The major difference is that we're getting almost no penetration on the QB. I ignored it against Baylor as "new guys vs vet O-line" but we had trouble with Portland State... it just isn't there. Opposing QBs have plenty of time for their receivers to beat our secondary and throw a well planned deep ball.

Auxilio said...

Greg McCoy has done very well on kickoffs. But on D, I just get nervous every time I see him out there. I would expect other corners and possibly Verrett to not perform so well. But McCoy just hasn't performed like a senior should (on defense). Don't we have some former QB's we could convert to play DB?

Taylor said...

Very important inspiring video:

Travis said...

I am disappointed that this team hasn't played as well as they are capable of... but I have no doubt that they will be NC contenders the next 2 years! Frog fan for life!

purpleheart said...

Damn good overview. Some extra thoughts:

For starters, I hope I can walk by practices this week and hear those boys getting reamed a new one. I'd take heart over winning but we didn't have ANY! Not one damn player out there played like they cared except Ross-freakin-Evans! Even worse, all the dropped balls!!!!! I was going nuts. GP better work 'em hard and tape balls to those hands this week.

Good job SMU, all those checks to the refs finally paid off. But, your coach is still a joke, Craig James still killed 5 hookers and y'all still suck.

I was unaware that running ACROSS the field and not DOWN field was the new thing... who would've thought?!

Casey has to stop being so one sided. I hardly remember him going for anything to the left during the first quarter and it continued from there. The dude has to start trusting his arm because we aren't getting a damn thing done like this.

Boise scares the hell out of me now... &*$%^$^@%!^&*&^$#^@

Lastly, to the SMU guys who grabbed my ass after the game, just because y'all beat us once doesn't mean y'all are legit or even worth mentioning in college football. Craig James still killed those hookers, y'all still got the death penalty and y'all still lost to Army at home. Congrats.

Rotten Arsenal said...

I like your thinking, purpleheart... Jeebus... the option to the short side? Quit choreographing your offensive plays... even things dumb as ponies can figure out our offense when they call plays like they did today.

I recorded the game and will probably put together a summary of shitty officiating at some point.

And yeah, I'm wasted... fuck off.

Mantikos said...

I am glad I wasn't imagining things when I saw 2 snaps a good 2 seconds after 0
not to mention the numerous face masks that weren't called and the worse...SMU #93 that mofo shoves a TCU player, the TCU plaer returns the favor...Frog get's the personal fould and #93 goes off the field high fiving everyone on his team flicking off the TCU fans...
at the end of the game I tossed the gum I was nervously chewin on in overtime at the SMU choach's face...and it hit em, that was the best feeling I had all day today and that is a depressing thing considering today was a Horned Frog FB day

Mantikos said...

Rotten, I'd love to see it on Youtube...please...I'd consider it a personal favor...please don't forget to include the blown clocks, face mask and personal foul calls I mentioned...I want to post this on freaking FB

Rotten Arsenal said...

Let's once again make it clear that TCU SHOULD HAVE BEATEN HOBBITVILLE DESPITE THE REFS, but yeah, I have every intention of posting a "Greatest Hits" of Officiating Failure of today's game on YouTube.

PS. I have decided that this will be my OFFICIAL role on Spitblood: Historian/Stat Guy/Dennis Miller commentator that nobody has a freakin' clue what the hell he's talking about

Mantikos said...

I completely see the pony fans run on to the field and the SMU players talk smack and threaten the Frogs at the end made me want to murk a ponytang
I await the Youtube video link

VikingFrog said...

Just woke up from a dreadful night of drinking/kareoking and still very upset.

Not upset about the refs.

Not upset about the loss to SMU (false)

Just feel like these guys have way more talent than we are showcasing and they just can't execute.

@purpleheart ... 100% agree with one sided Casey. I sat in the endzone for this game so I had a great view of it. We'd have two recievers out wide left with single coverage giving them about 10-15 yards of space off the line. All they had to do was play a little catch and run because the db were playing te deep ball. But every time the Sleeve would force it into double coverage to the right.

Not his fault and I'm no football guru so I don't even know if it's a learning thing or a play calling thing.


Sir Wesley Willis said...

TCU should never lose to any team without their leasing receiver and their RB with a busted shoulder, refs or no.

It's just not our years, boys and girl-nurse. We all knew it but now we are seeing it play out. Doesn't make losing to Faylor and smoo any easier, but shit happens.

And that is the most level headed and reasoned response you'll hear from me again

purpleheart said...

It's smelling an awful lot like the Cowboys' and UT's seasons last year. All the talent and no execution.

In terms of being one sided, I've said it since the Baylor game. But when the sororitutes sitting behind me knew what the offense was going to do I knew we were screwed.

Happy hangovers everyone!

Worth Hills Caddy said...

Our fans our pathetic, especially the students. It is one thing to camp out in the parking lot when we are up big on a d2 team, but this week was just pathetic.

Stansly Maponga is the only player on D who has looked good all year.

Lets not blame the refs fellas. We got beat straight up. Stupid penalties, horrendous defense, stupid mistakes, poor execution, poor game plan, pathetic crowd in the second half...where do i stop?


shortnkerley's said...

Ugh. Blaming refs is what bad fans do. Stop. The refs didn't give up 40. We lost. We aren't that good this year. Shit happens. Also, anyone blaming Pachall for anything is flat out silly. I guess he should've walked over to Brandon Carter and handed him the ball on 4th down...

VikingFrog said...

I was just venting and instead of hitting my wife I chose to vent on this blog. Sorry SnK.

shortnkerley's said...

Fair enough

Travis said...

Everyone needs to realize that when Andy was a freshmen we were worse than we are this year... This sophmore group should do great things in the near future.

NurseFrog31 said...

OK, now that I have had time to recover from the utter shock of losing that game, here's my take:

The refs... wtf. I was working (again... ugh) and I didn't even get to watch every play and I could tell they were blowing so many of those calls. Not an excuse, really, but it didn't help either.

How many balls did we freaking drop?

Our secondary needs life support in a big way. Or a miracle. Or SOMETHING.

Ross Evans is on my good list, temporarily. Shocking that he was the only one who was on his game, but kudos for that.

Ok, realistically, I said at the beginning of the year we would lose three this season. I just didn't think one of them would be THIS game. I don't think even my hatred of Baylor or Boise matches my hate of the ponies. But I think we all knew this could happen. Now we just need to trust in GP to get these guys ready for the next game, because you know he's already moved on. And mentally prepare for a heartbreaker in Boise this year.

Next year, guys.

Taylor said...

Our defensive plan has been all over the internet

Slay Purple said...

A.) Our Defensive Backfield lacks confidence ("swagger" as GP puts it) & will be exploited until we get that confidence back. I personally blame RGIII & his absurd TD/incompletion ratio for exposing that out of the blocks.

B.) Quoting Dennis Green on SMU "They are who we thought they were". SMU is exponentially better than they were even just 2 years ago. In all honestly their QB played terribly otherwise & they should've won by 3 TDs.

C.) I undervalued Tejay Johnson for 3 years. This season we need to focus on finding his replacement.

D.) Our offense flourishes when given the chance to up the tempo. We need to start games off this way to get ahead & then resort to our run-first mentality.

E.) I did not feel utter panic when Ross Evans came on to kick the FG that put us within a TD. Doesn't mean I love the guy, but his place on my shit list has been replaced with the entire Defense.

F.) Just because we will not go to a BCS game does not mean we can't have a blast rooting our boys on for the rest of the season. Part of being a homer fan is looking past the negatives (our D sucks) & focusing solely on the positives (Our offense will be dominant for some time to come).

D said...

We'll be alright.

The brighter side, if there is one this season...

2 huge losses experienced by a YOUNG and hopefully, humbled team. You would think days like these will tighten their bond and only make them stronger. These particular games emphasized how important the little things really are.

And I'm humbled as well. Yes, im upset about some things we did, and believe a lot of changes need to be made, but in the end, I support this team and believe in them.

D said...

...they have great potential, and will be a great team again, just going take some time to figure it all out.

Rotten Arsenal said...

Our rebuilding/crummy team isn't that far away from Baylor and SMU's best teams in decades... both rivals should fear the retribution.

HornyFrog said...

maybe SMU is poor, but you didn't count on them drugging the referees did ya?

Travis said...

I cannot add much more than has already been stated. I agree, losing to the two in-state rivals sucks! I will say the boys bounced back after the road loss to BU and had a nice conference, road victory against a decent AF team. Let's wait and see what happens in San Diego next week. A win, and we are 2-0 in conference and have a small but possible chance of ruining someone's BCS dreams!

How about our boy Andy with the come from behind win and two drives in the 4th quarter! The Bungles are now 2-2 with their rookie QB. Making the Frog faithful proud!