Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Help on the way for Dalton

Carson Palmer has been beaten by TCU once again. Nearly 13 years after he fell victim to a swarming Horned Frog defense in the 1998 Sun Bowl, he's finally given up his game of chicken with the Cincinnati Bengals' brass and is on the verge of being traded to the Oakland Raiders.

As the Bengals' QB last year, Palmer won all of four games. The entirety of the leverage he had in his staredown with the Bengals was that surely they would be desperate and lost without him...right? But then Andy Dalton stepped in fresh off his Rose Bowl win with TCU and led the upstart Cincinnati squad to four wins in their first six games. All of a sudden, the Bengals don't need a quarterback quite as much as Southern California's Golden Boy thought. Goodbye, leverage. Goodbye, Carson- he's being shipped off to the New Mexico of the NFL.

In return, the Raiders are overpaying...as they do in every trade they've ever made. They are sending Cincinnati a 1st Round pick in the 2012 draft and a conditional pick in the 2013 draft- which reportedly will be either a 1st or 2nd Round pick. That's quite the haul for a young team that is essentially giving up nothing but a ton of cap room in this deal.

TCU 2, Carson Palmer 0. Go Bengals!

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VikingFrog said...

I always though Doodoo brown was trying to ruin this team, but maybe he's smarter than I thought. Wait till someone is has a winning record, loses their QB right before the trade deadline with only backup Kyle Boller under center, and voila, you have the trade of a lifetime.

To give Carson Palmer a little credit. He was not waiting on Andy to play poorly. Palmer said he WOULD NOT play in the NFL unless he was traded. He was making a ton of money sitting on the bench though.

Potentially 2 first rounders could be huge for the Bengals. They are already a pretty young team all around and their defense is playing well.

Shore up that O Line and they could be good for years to come with potentially 2 first round picks in both the 2012 and 2013 NFL draft.