Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Frogs in the NFL: Weekend Preview.

Still weird that this existed.

Game of the Week:

NYJ vs. San Diego. Sunday. Noon. As I've said before, this section will typically be the placeholder for the Bengals, but as they have the week off I had to choose. I suppose LDT against his old team qualifies. Tomlinson hasn't done much this year, only piling up 97 total yards on the ground. However, Jeremy Kerley has been seeing more action out wide the past couple of weeks, and this should continue with the trading of Derrick Mason, although it won't be easy this week against the league's second ranked passing D.

Other Games:

Seattle at Cleveland. Sunday. Noon. Two teams that REALLY need a win to stay relevant. Here's to hoping David Hawthorne remembers 2007 and eats Colt McCoy's soul.

Pittsburgh @ Arizona. Sunday. 3:00PM. Two teams headed in sharply different directions. It'd be pretty nice for Daryl Washington's crew to shut down the Rapist, but even if they did I don't think the Arizona offense has enough to take advantage. Kevin Kolb is football Barry Zito.

Indianapolis @ New Orleans. Sunday. 7:20. What should've been one of the marquee games on the NBC Sunday night schedule is going to be a stinker. Nap Town is awful and the Saints are going to be looking to avenge a hard road division loss against Tampa last week. That is, assuming they don't destroy the knees of another coach. Jerry Hughes can't play his way out of this situation fast enough because, barring winning the Luck derby, this team is about to fade to the back of the pack hard.

Bodymore, Murdaland @ Jacksonville. Monday. 7:30PM. Yawn. Good luck, Drew Coleman.

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Sir Wesley Willis said...

It has been brought to my attention that J Phil will get his first start in Carolina against the Redskins. Double the fun is that he's making his first start against that pagan John Beck.