Monday, October 17, 2011

Frogs in the NFL: Roundup.

Andy Dalton is 4-2.

Former first round picks:

Mark Sanchez is 2-3.
Mike Vick is 2-4.
Donovan McNabb is 1-5.
sCam Newton is 1-5.
Sam Bradford is 1-5.
Blaine Gabbert's team is 1-5.
Tim Tebow is about to start for a 1-4 team. And lose. A lot.
Peyton Manning might be deceased.
And Vince Young now has 41 career TDs against 42 INTs.

Not bad for a red headed, average sized second rounder from TCU, a football program that is going to turn into a Vanderbilt sized pumpkin overnight when the clock strikes July 1.

That's really all you need to know from this weekend's action.


Todd Carruth said...

I am so proud of Dalton. I might just have to go buy a Bengals jersey.

RoughtonTCU said...

This warms my heart

NurseFrog31 said...

I'm getting tired of living the sad life of a Cowboys fan... I can forsee some bandwagon jumping in my very near future. Great job, Andy!

Travis said...

I've already become a bigger Bengals fan than Cowboys

EdK said...

I've gotten to see parts of every one of his games ... it's the same ol' Andy, just the NFL edition -- smart, safe and gutsy with a couple of needle-threaded passes thrown in.

All he needs is one more solid weapon and a slightly better O-Line next year.

Believe it or not, with a little luck the Bengals could win 10 games this year if they beat the Ravens at home. Their defense is a huge surprise, even more than Dalton's performance.

D said...

Lookin good Andy, keep doing what you're doing.

ctbeecherl said...

You forgot Stafford 5-1

Cro-magnon Frog said...

I'm pretty pumped for Dalton, I think he is doing all of the right things. It will be interesting to see once he gets into the meat of their schedule because he hasn't had his toughest tests at all so far. But I have confidence that with the Bengals D playing solid and his rhythm still developing with his receivers, he'll only continue to improve even against tougher competition.

oh, and Beecherl, Stafford has a fat face and went to highland park, so no one cares about him.

Sir Wesley Willis said...

Yeah, I was including first round picks who currently have a worse record than Dalton just to show the contrast. If we really want to expand the list, here goes...

Joe Flacco - 4-1. Rape - 4-2. Rivers - 4-1. Jason Campbell - 4-2, but minus one shoulder. Eli - 4-2, Rodgers - 6-0, Cutler - 3-3, Stafford - 5-1, Josh Freeman - 4-2, Matt Ryan - 3-3... so really, there are, what, 4 former first rounders currently have more success than Dalton? Thems are pretty good odds there.

And Nurse - I HIGHLY recommend jumping on the Bengals bandwagon in lieu of the Cowboys. I've done it shamelessly so far this year. I even went to the Boys/Lions game and cheered for the Lions because I bet on them. And it wasn't even a life altering amount of money. The only thing I've enjoyed more than cheering for Andy all year is cheering against Romo. Can't wait for next season when they go head to head.