Monday, October 10, 2011

Frogs in the NFL Roundup.

Marshall Newhouse is Earning his Paycheck.

Performance of the Weekend:

Andy Dalton. 21/33, 179 yards, 2 TDs, 1 INT in a 30-20 Bengals win at Jacksonville.

Don't look now, but the Cincinnati Bengals are tied for second place in the tough-at-the-top AFC North. If Jerry Jones called and offered Romo for Dalton straight up, how fast would Cincy Owner Mike Brown hang up the phone? And how terrible does Carson Palmer look right now? Sure, Andy has faced an easy schedule, but is there really such a thing as an easy schedule for a rookie starting QB in the NFL? The Dalton to AJ Green connection is still going strong with Andy hitting him 5 times for 90 yards and a TD. They're still a stretch to make the post season - the Bengals haven't played the Steelers or Ravens yet - but to be honest, it's not THAT much of a stretch, especially considering they're already 1-0 within the North. Check out the remaining sched, not including division games: vs Indy, @ Seattle, @ Tennessee, vs. Houston, @ STL, vs. Arizona. At worst I say they go 2-3 to finish out division play and lose to Houston and Tennessee.. but would you pick against them in any of the remaining games? By my estimation, that puts them at 9-7. Probably not enough, but they're at least in the conversation. Considering the Bengals were picked to be the clubhouse leaders in the Andrew Luck derby before the season began, Dalton is doing a nice job of shoving it back in their faces.

Drew Coleman was on the losing end of this game, and also suffered a concussion... so that's not good for business. He had 3 tackles before he left the game, however.

Other Games:

Green Bay Packers 25, ATL 14.

The Packers dug themselves into a 14-0 hole early, but shut down Matt Ryan and the Falcons offense to grind out a win. Marshall Newhouse, already making the start due to Brian Bulaga's injury, all of a sudden found himself playing the Sandra Bullock back when starting Left Tackle Chad Clifton went down with an injury of his own. No problem for Newhouse as he shifted back to his position at TCU and kept Aaron Rodgers clean the rest of the evening. Rodgers even mentioned him by name in the post game and lauded his contribution. How special he must feel!

NYJ 21, NE Patriots 30.

The Jets came up on the wrong end of the win column in this game as they have twice already this year, but it wasn't for lack of Jeremy Kerley. Kerley caught 3 passes for 35 yards, including his first career TD. He also fielded two punts for two yards. LDT didn't have much of a night - 2 carries for 13 yards and 1 catch for 2 yards. It looks like the Jets are going to roll with Shonn Greene for the immediate future.

Arizona Cardinals 10, Minnesota Vikings 34.

Not a great day for Daryl Washington and his pals as they were humiliated by the then-winless Vikings. Washington had 5 tackles and one QB hurry.

Seattle Seahawks 36, NYG 25.

Eli Manning had a 400 yard passing day, but was picked three times and his team suffered as a result. It was bound to happen eventually, given the injuries the Giants have. David Hawthorne was second on the Seahawks with 7 tackles.


shortnkerley's said...

Drew Coleman forced a fumble too I'm pretty sure. And on another play, possibly the one he got a concussion, he knocked the shit outta someone. Played pretty well.

VikingFrog said...

Frogs did well in the NFL this weekend.

I watched most of that Green Bay game. Newhouse actually looked really good filling in for Balognia or whatever that Oscar Meyer wiener's name was.

I hate the fucking Jets.

Lyle Lanley said...

Can we flood Channel 11 with calls until they start showing Bengals games instead of the Texans?

LOLfolding said...

Because seeing Andy is worth having to watch the Bengals?