Monday, October 10, 2011

A Brief Lesson in SMU Hate.

SMU Freshmen Orientation.

Apparently things really are in dire straits financially at SMU, just like ShultzHater and Disciples of GP said... via commenter Cro-Magnon Frog, in case you missed it:

TCU and SMU were in a young Alumni fundraising competition. They were in a Race to be the first to 1000 donors. However, people could donate any amount. I just received an email recapping the competition and I found the numbers interesting.

While SMU did reach 1000 donors first, they only managed to donate a whopping $37,393.00 coming to an avg. of $37.39 per donation.

TCU on the other hand, while not reaching 1000 donors, had 934 donors, but blowing SMU out of the water with a total of $117,393.00, yes a whole $80,0000 more. THREE times more than smu alumni donated with 66 less donors.

The TCU donors averaged $125.68 per donation.

So while SMu can think of themselves the Ivy League of the south, they are still a bunch of coked out 30k millionaires who waste their money on douchebag pearlsnap dragon shirts (yes I saw one at the game)and don't really have much to back it up.

I'm usually a quality over quantity man myself, so I supposethe school I choose to identify myself with makes a lot of sense. Just another example of the disparity between SMU and TCU, despite their believing that winning once every 6 years and losing bowl games at home to service academies entitles them to the best that CFB has to offer.

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