Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Brand-Spanking New Segment.

Terrible fan of the week is a nice thought... but so are these SDSU sloots.

It looks like the general consensus for the (hopefully) temporary Movement Watch stopgap is a roundup of how TCU alums in the NFL fared over the weekend. This will likely become a permanent post, but if TCU manages to climb back into the Top 25, no promises due to time constraints.

There was also the mention of doing terrible fan of the week, which is a fine idea and will happen, but for SDSU I think it's far more valuable to highlight some of the porn stars in training posing as students, as evidenced above. Terrible fan of the week will more than likely be a revamp of the previously abandoned Sour Grapes post, although I'm less than enthusiastic about perusing the message boards for half hearted material. But, if it does happen, I have to imagine it will be ample seeing as how everyone is going to want to take us down this year, and everyone has a chance to based on our defensive play.

But, the NFL post is going to take precedence, so I need a little help remembering who all we have on a current NFL roster. However, I only want to take a look at starters in most cases, so I don't care about practice squad, etc. For instance, Marshall Newhouse got his first start at Tackle for the Packers on Sunday, but when Brian Balurlaudlugaluga is back in the lineup, I have no interest in looking at the Pack each week.

Here's who I can remember off the top of my head. Fill in the gaps for me:

Andy Dalton
Daryl Washington
Jeremy Kerley
LaDainian Tomlinson
David Hawthorne
Drew Coleman
Clint Gresham - only qualifies because Hawthorne starts so it won't be any extra effort.

... and is that it, as far as guys that actually play? Does Colin Jones play on special teams? Did anyone pick up Jimmy Young? Does Indianapolis feel the same way about Jerry Hughes as Cowboys fans felt about Bobby Carpenter?


VikingFrog said...

Hughes got a couple tackles last night. Mainly because the Colts defense has trouble staying off the field.

Not sure if Aaron Brown is still on the Lions roster, but I think he is, but he won't get carries barring injury. Would be nice to see him get in on kick returns.

J. Thaddeus Toad said...


badbrettster said...

Collin Jones was cut by the 49ers but was reactivated to their practice squad according to nfl.com. Jimmy Young was cut by the Bears.

Sir Wesley Willis said...

Oooh thanks, Toad - that's a serious resource.

Read that about Hughes so he can make the list since tackles are easy to track.

Clearly this is just going to be Andy Dalton central.

Travis said...

I'm sorry, was there actually an article after that Photo?