Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bowling in the Future

One of the most frustrating things about TCU being in the Mountain West has been the miserable selection of bowl games affiliated with the conference. If the Frogs fell just short of a BCS bowl, they were either relegated to playing a team like Northern Illinois (2006) or had to rely on savvy maneuvering to produce a worthy result (2005 vs. Iowa State in Houston and 2008 vs. Boise in San Diego). This is also one of the underrated parts of the move to the Big 12, as that conference has a vastly superior array of affiliated bowl games.

First, let's look at the bowl games that TCU will have the opportunity to play in as a member of the MWC this year:

1) Las Vegas Bowl vs. Pac 12's #5 selection
-Played in Las Vegas' Sam Boyd Stadium on December 22
-Per team payout: $1 million

2) Poinsettia Bowl vs. WAC Champion
-Played in San Diego's Qualcomm Stadium on December 21
-Per team payout: $500,000

3) Independence Bowl vs. ACC's #7 selection
-Played in Shreveport's Independence Stadium on December 26
-Per team payout: $1.1 million

4) New Mexico Bowl vs. Pac 12's #7 selection
-Played in Albuquerque's University Stadium on December 17
-Per team payout: $750,000

5) Armed Forces Bowl vs. BYU or CUSA (but only if the Cougars or CDOA can't fill their slot)
-Played in Dallas/University Park's Ford Stadium on December 30
-Per team payout: $750,000

I'm sure you are all on the phone with your travel agents after reading that, but take a look at what the Big 12 currently offers in terms of bowl destinations:

1) Fiesta Bowl vs. Other BCS team (unless the conference champ is in the National Title Game) -Played in Glendale's University of Phoenix Stadium on January 2
-Per team payout: $17 million

2) Cotton Bowl vs. SEC's #3 selection
-Played in Arlington's New Stajium on January 6
-Per team payout: $3 million

3) Alamo Bowl vs. Pac 12's #2 selection
-Played in San Antonio's Alamodome on December 29
-Per team payout: $3 million

4) Insight Bowl vs. Big Ten's #4 or #5 selection
-Played in Tempe's Sun Devil Stadium on December 30
-Per team payout: $1.35 million

5) Holiday Bowl vs. Pac 12's #3 selection
-Played in San Diego's Qualcomm Stadium on December 28
-Per team payout: $2.35 million

6) Meineke Car Care Bowl of Texas vs. Big Ten's #6 selection
-Played in Houston's Reliant Stadium on December 31
-Per team payout: $1.7 million

7)Pinstripe Bowl vs. Big East's #4 selection or Notre Dame
-Played in New York's Yankee Stadium on December 30
-Per team payout: $2 million

8) Ticket City Bowl vs. Big Ten's #7 selection or a CUSA team
-Played in Dallas' Cotton Bowl on January 2
-Per team payout: $1.2 million


Rabble Rouser said...

I just went from 6 to midnight.

Tanner said...

annnnd, 4 of those b12 bowls are in texas. even better.

SuperSweet HornedFrog said...

hey anybody know what happens to section V tickets next year??? i hear some say we still get first option, others say no, etc.

Mr. Bubbakins said...

Good question SSHF

Sir Wesley Willis said...

Rumoredly the student section is going to be the first 20 rows of the entire East Side, so that knocks quite a few of us out - I'm on Row 13 and I know most of you are near there. I saw somewhere where CDC said the entire stadium will be reseated, but who knows. I hope we just get moved up accordingly in V.