Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Blog Exchange SDSU

So, I'm way too sports depressed to do any hate this week, so I took the easy way out and went for a much simpler blog exchange with an SDSU fan site. So, they sent me some questions and I answered. Admittedly, my mindset isn't in any mood to be answering TCU related questions, so it might come off a little depressing, but I gave it my best shot anyway...

1) After perusing your blog, I get the impression that the SMU loss didn't go over so well out in Fort Worth. Especially considering the Mustangs' coach has a girl's name. How many Shiner Bocks has it taken to erase those memories?

A loss to SMU will never go over well in Fort Worth, but I guess it's time to embrace this team for what it is- rebuilding. It just hurts to lose to a team whose coach used to wear Hawaiian leis around his neck until the people in Dallas had to remind him he's not on Meth Island anymore. As for the Shiner Bock reference- I like that you're trying to make reference to a Texas beverage that could have contributed to my blackout that lasted well into this evening, but I think the real culprit is that I was injecting Tito's Vodka directly into my bloodstream for hours postgame.

2) So uh ... what happened to your defense exactly?

Our defense is young, our leading tackler from last year (Tanner Brock) is out all season with a foot injury, and we lost Defensive Andy Dalton in safety and Thorpe award finalist Tejay Johnson. Good news for y'all is that veteran cornerback Greg McCoy is still out there for us, and Ryan Lindley made him his bitch last year. We've got more gaping holes in our defense than Jenna Jameson.

3) How has Casey Pachall looked taking over for horrifying ginger demon Andy Dalton?

Casey Pachall aka La Manga aka Casey, The Creator aka Professor Chaos has played awesome this year and was the reason we were in the Baylor and SMU games until the bitter end. He's on pace to break school records, and he's doing it while looking like the long lost lovechild of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love. Seriously, he's no Andy Dalton, who definitely had that fearful ginger demon thing going (he's doing it in the NFL now too), but we've embraced our new sleeve tatted bad ass.

4) I get the impression TCU fans have always looked at SDSU as a gimmie win (not that I blame them). Has that changed at all this year?

I wouldn't say we always saw SDSU as a gimme win, especially not last year, but yes, that has changed greatly this year. I'm pretty much scared shitless out of anyone we play who fields a decent offense, and you just so happen to have an NFL caliber QB. Hell, we just got finished making a mediocre SMU QB look like Aaron Rodgers, so, um, yeah, I'm worried.

5) Admit it: SDSU's near comeback in Fort Worth last year made you pee a little, didn't it?

Yeah, SDSU's comeback made me pee a little, but that's just because I'm usually too lazy to leave my seat to go to the restroom during home games. Honestly I was more worried when it was 14-0 Aztecs than I was when it was 40-35.

6) So what is it like to watch your team win the Rose Bowl? I ask because we'll never know.

I am not married, nor am I anywhere close, but I will tell my future wife and children to their faces that my wedding and their births were less special to me than the Rose Bowl victory.

7) What has it been like enduring these past few weeks of Big East limbo?

I've shut my brain off from this conference realignment bullshit. I don't know how familiar you are with the whole situation being so out of the AQ loop because we are now part of a much more elite group that you are, but pretty much know that we all hate the University of Texas now for putting their fist in college football's ass, and I also look forward to bringing Silly String to DeLoss Dodds's funeral.

8) So, assuming the Big East survives in its current AQ form, have you been practicing arrogant, condescending insults to heap upon non AQ schools? I hear that's how they jump you in over there.

See #7.

9) If the Big East collapses, what are your chances at a Big XII invite?

I hope the two don't go hand in hand, but I think the Big XII invite is coming anyways. That conference has stabilized, but they aren't going to stay with 9. If they're smart, they try to get back to 12 and we would be a logical fit. That being said, the Big XII has done nothing logical in the past couple years. For example, they are the Big XII, but they only have IX. Go figure...

10) Complete this sentence: TCU will end up back in the Mountain West next year if ...

...the Big XII poaches teams from the Big East not named TCU. God please don't let this happen. FML, it's gonna happen. Forget everything I said in #9 now...

11) Well if you do leave, any chance we can stow away in your steamer trunk or something?

Too depressed from prior questions/the previous weekends events to answer. Going to go find my Vodka syringe again...

I sent the guy a few questions in return as well, and if/when they get answered, I'll make sure to post and share here.


Rotten Arsenal said...

I'll tell ya one thing, this may be the most laid back game I've watched in years... not much really on the line, completely unsure that we'll win (I put it 45%), and yet, I don't much care about the outcome. I really hope we win, but there isn't really enough riding on this season anymore to make me sweat every down.

Rabble Rouser said...

IMO the Vegas Bowl is on the line, and I want to go to Vegas.

Though I understand what you mean and it's how I'm looking at the Boise game for sure. Will be traveling to Boise so it will be nice to not be super stressed about the game outcome and just have a little vacation

Travis said...

Well done SNK, well done sir!

Visiting the Big Easy celebrating 13th wedding anniversary this weekend, so will have no clue about the game. Wife very thankful after drunken fits of rage thus far this season. Nearly banned me from all Saturday football, and she is perfectly justified! Drywall 2, Remote Controls 0, although those remotes efed that drywall like mediocre offenses have done our secondary.

VikingFrog said...

SDSU guys seem pretty cool.

Their fansite is a weird shade of pink though.

What's up with that? Will you include that as one of your questions?

Rob L. said...

SDSU fans seem like good sports, and cool dudes/chicks. I'd like to buy them a beer.