Thursday, October 6, 2011

Blog Exchange SDSU Part Deux

Alright, so I sent a few questions back to our friends over at the SDSU blog for the guy to answer. He seems like a good dude and he took my shitty attitude and sarcasm in stride, so I guess SDSU is on our good side, unless of course they beat us this year (don't count that out, folks). I didn't supply 11 questions to him like he did to me, because I'm still sports depressed and quite frankly, SDSU doesn't intrigue me enough to create a whole bunch of questions. Also, I've mailed it in this week and am counting this as players to watch as well, since he mentions some players to watch. Hope everyone is okay with that. Anyways, I'm really sidetracked right now listening to Cartman talk about Asperger's on the new South Park, so I'll just go ahead and post round 2 of the Q&A, mmk (Mr. Mackey)?

1) Who replaces Vincent Brown and Demarco Sampson? Glad those guys are gone. If they faced our secondary this year, they'd be Co-Biletnikoff award winners.
Vincent and DeMarco have been replaced seamlessly by dropped passes and poorly-run routes. It's been kind of maddening actually; Ryan Lindley is never going to make anyone forget Drew Brees in terms of accuracy, but his 51.5 completion percentage is ridiculous. He has no rhythm with his receivers. Converted corner Colin Lockett has shown promise as a big-play threat, but his learning curve has been steep. Dylan Denso has looked like a steady possession receiver at times, and disappeared at others. And the tight ends, who are supposed to be a huge strength, have been inconsistent. At some point, I expect these guys to all get on the same page. Probably against UNLV or New Mexico or one of the turd teams we'd beat down either way.

2) Did Brady Hoke really leave SDSU because he thought he could be more successful at Michigan, or was he afraid that Tony Gwynn was trying to fatten him up to inevitably eat him?
I don't think Brady needed anybody's help to fatten him up. Dude had that covered. My sources tell me Brady decided to skip town after overflowing a toilet at a local Buca di Beppo.

3) Ronnie Hillman is pretty good. It's not too soon to say he's better than Marshall Faulk, is it?

I was ready to anoint him Our Lord and Savior before he put the ball on the ground twice in huge spots against Michigan. But yeah, he's a freak and we're legitimately worried that he's going to test the NFL waters after this season (While he's a sophomore, he will be three years out of high school). I'll just call him the MF2 for now. True fact: Ronnie was born on the same day that Faulk broke an NCAA record with 386 yards rushing against Pacific. (Cue the X-Files theme)

4) Rocky Long? Really?? You know he got replaced at New Mexico by Mike Locksley, right?
Oh come on, now. Rocky went 65-69 at New Mexico. That's like going 105-29 at a university that actually gives a crap about its football program. Locks, by the way, went 2-26. Nice upgrade, Lobos. Fact is, Long could always coach his guys up, he just couldn't recruit top athletes to Albuquerque. Apparently the promise of "all the meth they could eat" wasn't enough to attract the blue-chippers. Recruiting has never been our problem, though, toughness has been. In that regard, I think Rocky is the right man for the job.

5) Keys to victory Saturday for the Aztecs?
If Lindley completes more than 60 percent of his passes, you guys are toast. I think that gives us about a 12 percent chance at victory.

6) So SDSU has like 30K students is in a large market and an awesome climate. Why do BCS conferences hate you so much? Surely you can't be as dirty as the schools in Arizona...

Well, we are pretty dirty, but I don't think that's why. The Pac-12 will never take us because of the other California schools. Cal and Stanford are snobs who don't want to eat off the same china as a Cal State school. USC and UCLA don't want any AQ competition in Southern California. So unless the Big XII wants a foothold on the coast—or the MWC gets an AQ (LOL)—we're basically boned forever and ever. Feel better about you situation now?

7) I was searching for famous SDSU Alumni and came across this guy- Anwar al-Awlaki, Islamic Terrorist, leader of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. Is it safe to assume that your university is a safe haven for terrorism in the United States?

Oh for sure. It's well known that SDSU was founded as a training ground for international terrorists of every stripe. It's a little known fact that our first president was Gavrilo Princip of the Serbian Black Hand. My minor at State was Underwear Bombing Studies, which has proven about as useful to me as my history major. True story!


VikingFrog said...

I like this guy.

But you never asked him why his blog was pink. That was the question I was most hoping would be answered.

Rotten Arsenal said...

This guy is great... can we start franchising SpitBlood and give one to him?