Thursday, September 29, 2011

Spitblood Voted Best Blog on the Planet

You know exactly who 'you' are...suck it

Well, ok, maybe not the best on earth, but according to Fort Worth Weekly Spitblood is the critics choice for best "Sportscaster or Sportswriter" for 2011. No, this is not a joke.

"Sportscaster or Sportswriter - Readers Choice - Dale Hansen, Critics choice: The bloggers at"

"Spitblood, a reference to what horned frogs do when angered, is home to the most comprehensive TCU football coverage on the internet. The nine bloggers are young alumni who write with irreverence, but don't let them fool you. They know almost as much about their school's Rose Bowl winning program as the coaching staff does and communicate that knowledge with skill and attitude. Though readers would likely pay for the top-notch information, the Spitblood fellas give away their words out of pure love for the game"

Take that Frog Face Sit Blog or whatever you are. Yeah, you who ranked Spitblood as the #6 TCU blog on the interweb. Fort Worth Weekly thinks that we are irreverent (that's good right? little help here), and better than Dale freakin Hansen. Spitblood has basically become more famous than the man who brought down the entire SMU football program! I mean he is one of our heros, especially during hate week. And now, we are better than him. You could say that we are now more than famous, maybe even infamous? And no that other site, no one's trust fund went to the Weekly to pay for this. There are much better things to use that cash on.

Anyway, none of this would happen if it wasn't for TheFinch who put together this whole thing. And of course Sirwesley, Lyle and S&K who, despite having semi-legitimate jobs, still find a way to post the vast majority of all the content on here. Also Spitpurple, who for the past 4 years has been delivering some of the best dumps that two spoons fulls of Metamucil can provide, and who can forget D for making the blog actually look respectable. Keep up the good work fellas. Especially, thank you from all the SB family to the good folks at the Fort Worth Weekly for recognizing excellence when you see it. There are plenty out there who have yet to get it. Everyone be sure and go out and pick up their newest issue (it's free, you have no excuses) so you know we didn't just make all this up. Watch your back ESPN, we are coming for you next.
Best of Fort Worth


Cro-magnon Frog said...

Oh man, I can't wait to see the hate mail drafts the Eastern Blocers put together that will be OOOOzing with Jealousy

D said...

you hear that?

it's the sound of us patting ourselves on the back

VikingFrog said...

MAybe the Fort Worth film festival will present me with an award?

FroggyStyle said...

Congrats boys!

BuckNasty said...

All around congrats. Congrats to the sir, kerleys, lyle, spit, and the other main contributors. congrats to D, finch, counselor, ahem myself, for doing all the behind the doors, dirty shit that nobody reads about.

BuckNasty said...

and especially congrats to the readers and commentors. without you, our dreams would have never come true. Oh, and has anyone sent this over to Mr. Nix?

Tyler Springer said...

Wait hold on...Is your blog award winning? You're so impressive and cool. You must get all the girls.