Friday, September 16, 2011

Spit Blood Predictions: TCU vs. ULM

After the long off season and two straight road games to open the 2011 season, the Frogs are finally back at home tomorrow when they host Louisiana-Monroe at 1:00pm. Just a fair warning for everyone attending that parking is going to be a B, so plan accordingly.

Before you begin your magical tailgating adventure, though, we are going to have to register your official predictions for the game. Since the Frogs have been a bit up & down so far this season and ULM is a bit of an unknown to those of you that aren't intimate with the goings-on of the Sun Belt, I'll give you a frame of reference. The staff at think the Frogs will win in a blowout, while the Warhawk fans themselves foresee a very different outcome.

As usual, please fill our comments section with your prediction on the final score as well as the projected offensive, defensive and special teams MVPs for the Frogs. Also, let us know on a scale of 1-10 how awkward the crowd's first "Skye Dawson- clap, clap, clap-clap-clap" chant of the home season will sound.Link


Texas Hammer said...


O - CP4 aka "Master of Ceremonies" aka Casey, The Creator

D - Mmmmmmmaponga

ST - not Ross Evans

12 - crowd completely butchers the Skye Dawson chant

Lock up the women and children...Texas Hammer is comin' to Funky Town

Zachary said...

35-10. Frogs.

ULM scores first, but only once.

RE misses 2 FGs

Lyle Lanley said...

I think ULM's tough run D is going to affect the balance of the Frogs' offense early on, and that combined with TCU's propensity to be gashed by trick plays will result in some nervous halftime beers with a narrow 10-7 lead.

A big special teams play, whether it be a caused fumble or a blocked punt or a great kick/punt return, gets the Frogs going in the second half. They eventually pull away to win 31-14.

Offensive MVP: Boyce with some impressive, chain-moving YAC.

Defensive MVP: Fobbs comes up with a big play. Maybe an INT.

Special Teams: I predicted a big, momentum-grabbing play above. It's either gonna be a long return by McCoy or Dawson or a big hit/kick block by Greg Burks.

Punt chant: So awful that it starts do die away...until Brandon Carter takes over those duties, whenever that may be.

D said...
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VikingFrog said...

Shameless Plug: If anyone is interested in some pregame action, I'll be at the intramural fields watching the TCU Alumni Rugby game.

I never get these right so I might as well guess big.

45-0 Frogs in a route turning heads in the sports world after Florida State beats OU and people wonder how good these Frogs really are.

BigFrogBall said...

Texas Hammer - 41
ULM - 3

Texas Hammer said...

Why does the gypsy have a knife?

Lyle Lanley said...

Do you mean why does Maggie Gyllenhall have a knife?

VikingFrog said...

She's also cupping some invisible thing in her hand.

That or she's about to spit in her own hand.

D said...

After some thought, changed my predicktion

45 - 13 Purple

D said...

Mr. Bubbakins said...


JB said...

51-28 TCU

Frogs score 1 and ULM scores 2 garbage-time TDs.

EdK said...

Offensive MVP: Antoine Hicks via Casey Pachall

Defensive MVP: Kenny Cain

Special teams MVP: Anson Kelton

Final: TCU 38, LMU 12

EdK said...

What? TCU isn't playing Loyola Marymount University (LMU)?

ctbeecherl said...

TCU 45
ULM 17

Tucker really shines with the softer defense and undersized secondary, look for 150 yards on the ground from him alone.

Braylon Broughton FINALLY has his breakout game?

McCoy on kickoffs.