Friday, September 30, 2011

Spit Blood Predictions: TCU vs. SMU

It's always interesting to me, during the week of TCU-SMU games, just how few people outside of the two fanbases really understand this rivalry. Sure, everyone knows that the Frogs and Mustangs are rivals, but not really the importance each school places on beating (or at least not losing to) the other. And really, I think I like it this way. I get so beat down by overplayed rivalries like Michigan-Ohio State, Yankees-Red Sox or Lakers-Celtics. I don't need some jagoffs in the suburbs of a city 3,000 miles away debating TCU-SMU...I like it just being between the two schools and their alumni.

So tomorrow at 2:30pm, we'll get the 91st edition of the Battle for the Iron Skillet- and this year's game might be the most hyped in quite a while. Now's the time for you to register your official predictions for the game- final score, outstanding players (on offense, defense and special teams) and the atmosphere as compared to TCU's previous two home games this fall. And if you feel like it, your prediction for the Rangers' ALDS series against Tampa Bay.


Lyle Lanley said...

Frogs 31, Mustangs 26

Offense: Wesley makes up for lost time (including, remember, his concussion against SMU last year) and scores 3 TDs

Defense: David Johnson will make his presence known.

Special Teams: Dawson with 2 big returns to get us the ball deep in Smew territory.

Crowd: I sure hope it's better, and think it will be.

Rangers: They are just hitting the shit out of the ball right now. Cruz joins the rest of the lineup in being crazy hot at the plate and they win this series in 4. Yankees-Tigers are going 7.

shortnkerley's said...

51-20 frogs.


Maponga Donga


Rangers in 5

Curt McDurt said...

TCU 34 (missed extra point)
Coke Heads 24

O: Boyce
D: Cuba Gooden Jr. W/ a pick 6
S: Anyone but Ross Evans

Rangers in 4...FYI Lyle, think the first round is best of 5, so tigers-yanks going to 7 is highly unlikely...

Lyle Lanley said...

Ha, good point. Brain fart by me.

EdK said...

I hate SMU.

Offense: Brock catches the game-winner.

I hate SMU. More than you.

Defense: Hunter has a key sack.

I hate SMU more than you, because I lived through the damn Pony Express years.

Special: Kelton booms a couple inside the 10.

I hate SMU more than you, because I lived through the damn Pony Express years when with a little luck TCU could have beaten Dickerson-James twice.

Final: TCU 24, SMU 21

D said...

41 - 27 Horned Frogs

O: La Manga earns his name - rushinig TD, breaks 300 passing.

D: CUBA - a problem for SMU to reckon with. Finally gets the INT he's longed for, most tackles.

S: don't feel like we'll take it to the house this time, but would be nice. I want to see some nasty blocks.

JB said...

Frogs 33, Ponies 24

We trail at the half by 17-6, and we thank Ross Evans for field goals on the 1st 2 drives. After softening the defense for 2 quarters, the three-headed monster breaks into the endzone 3 times in the 2nd half as well as one passing by Professor Chaos, and the D only gives up one 2nd half TD after an unfavorable fluky return. One missed PAT in the 4th.

Offense: Shared among the running triumvirate of Wesley, James, and Tucker, as they do what the young alumni couldn't and "pound the ponies."

Defense: DJ Yendrey steps up with a sack and causes a fumble.

Special teams: 2 Ross Evans FG's in the first half continue his miracle streak until a missed PAT in the 4th. Still featured ST player of the game.

Rangers: Win games 1; 3; & 4 to advance.

Middle Man said...

TCU 38 SMU 28

Offense- Boyce has a solid 150+yds and 2 tds

Defense- Corners actually lock it down, 2 ints

ST- Carter gets a shot again and breaks one big.

Baseball- dont care.

general125 said...

Rose Bowl Champs 45
Pony Express 38

Crowd: Packed and rowdy for the first good home game. I unfortunately will be at drill on a football blackout going crazy so I can watch the game on DVR later.

Rangers will win in the fifth game at home.

Yanks win in 4.

LA Frog said...

Frogs 45, Hobbit loving ponies 24

O: Magic Sleeve 4 TDs, no INTs
D: The whole unit hunts together (1int, 3 sacks, 2 forced fumbles)
ST: Maybe it's cause I saw the Steve Bartman ESPN 30 show last night, but we should stop harping on Ross (not because he has costs us games, but we are getting into mob mentality. Let GP handle it-- "If you can kick a field goal against Baylor you're 4-0," Patterson said unprovoked,(after the PSU game) referring to two missed field goals in the Frogs' 50-48 loss in Waco in the opener." Ouch. It must be tough to be a kicker when your alone on a team -- suck it up Ross and be consistent in making those kicks -- anyway, Dawson gets a runback for 6

Baseball: Ummm, can Nolan go all 'Robin Ventura' on some young Rays punk...that's all I care about

VikingFrog said...

Frogs 48

Ponies 17

My godfather, an SMU grad, placed a friendly wager with me that that the loser has to wear a gameday shirt of the other team next time the teams meet in Dallas (is that next year?). He wouldn't take it straight up but I talked him down on our line to -10. I'm still VERY nervous.

Go Frogs. Save me from this debacle.

Travis said...

Viking Frog:

Any true supporter of their alma mater shouldn't need points. I know you respect him, but nicely tell your Godfather to man up and take the bet even!

Slay Purple said...

Frogs 44 (3 TDs in the 3rd quarter)
ponies 24

O: I am still waiting on a Brandon Carter TD
D: Braylon caused some havoc last week that I think he will build upon
S: Battle Forces a Fumble

VikingFrog: I approve of the bet, however, I made an unfortunate bet with a BU alum that loser had to wear winner's facepaint on a Friday...we all know how that worked out.