Friday, September 23, 2011

Spit Blood Predictions: TCU vs. Portland State

Believe it or not, there's actually a football game to be played tomorrow. That's some weird, wild stuff, huh? As much as we've all been scouring the internetz for the latest in conference realignment drama, I think we'll all be relieved to just be watching football once the game kicks off. And since there's a TCU game this weekend, you need to register your prediction at on Friday.

Let's hear your thoughts on:

-The final score
-Offensive MVP
-Defensive MVP
-Special Teams MVP
-Will the crowd do any better this time?
-What's the next emotionally-swaying headline to come out in regards to conference realignment?


shortnkerley's said...

51-10 Frogs.
Offense- give me Aundre Dean, emerging star.
Defense- Stansly until someone proves otherwise.
Special Teams- McCoy to the house again.

Crowd will be barely better, but only bc it's parents weekend.

TCU to the Big 12, and soon.

EdK said...

TCU 42, PSU 10

Offense: Pachall to Boyce.
Defense: McCoy picks two.
Special teams: Evans connects on a 45-yarder.

Crowd about the same.

Next headline: East Carolina close to joining Big East.

VikingFrog said...

39-0 Frogs.

I keep predicting our defense is going to pick it up and will keep doing so till we do.

RollsBoyce82 said...

58-17 TCU
Offensive MVP - Josh Boyce, 158 YDS 1 TD

Defensive MVP - Maponga - 2.5 Sacks 1 FF (Dur)

Special Teams - Waymon James lays a nasty block

Crowd = Maybe better but probably not

Next Headline: Talks of SWC re-emergence?

general125 said...

Offense - Brandon Carter

The crowd will suck more because it's a I-AA team we're playing. They will be strong between the 1st and 2nd quarter. No one will come back for halftime.

DirecTV adds the Longhorn because of their UT-SA home football games.

LA Frog said...

O: Boyce 225 yds,2 TDs in 1st half
D: Stansly forces 2 fumbles; Cuba gets his 1st INT
ST: McCoy gets 130 yds on 2 kick returns -- 1 is a TD

Crowd: Didn't see last week but better due to Parent's Weekend

"BYU joins the Big 12"

Lyle Lanley said...

40-10 Frogs

O: Tucker 3 TDs

D: To echo snk, it'll be Maponga until someone else takes it from him

ST: Gildon with a sicknasty hit on a kickoff

Crowd: I'd like to think a few more people would make an effort...

Next headline: "UT would rather stay at 9 than add TCU"

Travis said...


TCU, BYU, Louisville, Cincy invited to return the Big XII to 12 actual members.

Mizzou joins ATM and SECedes

Texas Monthly rates Waco worst liveable city in Texas, again!

Dave said...
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D said...

45-7 TCU

O- Tucker
D- M'Punga
ST - Nasty block at some point

crowd sucks again


"DeLoss Dodds found dead, foul play suspected"

"Chip Brown in critical condition after mysterious car accident"

"Longhorn Network cancelled out of fear"

"TCU invited to Big 12, SEC, joke"

ctbeecherl said...

41-10 Frogs

Crowd is still gonna suck, especially on the west side.

O - Boyce
D - Big B
SP - Evans makes 2 field goals and all extra points (but we still hate him)

shortnkerley's said...

People need to quit believing in Ross Evans.

EdK said...

OK, so Evans isn't the best kicker in the country. But he also doesn't deserve the hate, especially from TCU fans!

OK, so we blame him for the Utah game. But didn't the Utes drive 80 yards in the final two minutes and score a touchdown? Are you going to blame Rafael Priest for allowing the game-winning TD?

OK, so he almost cost us the SDSU game last year. But didn't we win?

OK, so he clunked a couple against Baylor. Didn't the defense give up 50 freaking points?

All I am saying is Evans is ok. It's not like he pulled a Brotzman. He has trouble with PATs, granted, but are you going to blame Gresham and Shelley for the snaps or Bart Johnson and Kelton for the holds?

He still hits 80 percent of his FGs, which is about as good as it gets in college football. Who gives a crap if he misses a PAT against Utah when we score 47 points?

Like it or not, Evans has scored more points for TCU than any player in history. Deal with it. And ... wouldn't it be nice if we actually cheered for our own kicker?

shortnkerley's said...

Our kicker sucks. Plain and simple. Decent kickers don't miss from inside 30 yards. He does it with regularity. He has never made a big kick in his life. I hate kickers and I hate ours the most.

Sir Wesley Willis said...

an evans apologist??? KILL HIM!!!

JB said...

42-17 TCU

Offense - Casey Pachall (spreads the ball until running game takes over)
Defense - Terrekin Cuba
ST - Give me Ross Evans. What the heck?
Crowd - I hate to admit, but I was one of the tailgaters during the 2nd half of the ULM game. I hope we can chalk it up to me being rusty from lack of practice. I, for one, will be there for the 2nd half, and for that reason, the crowd will be better.
Big East merges with Mountain West, keeps the AQ status, and the new conference picks up BYU and Baylor (sarcasm intended, albeit possibly lame).

EdK said...

I am not an Evans apologist. I wish he was freaking Michael Reeder! But he's not. I just don't get the anger. He really hasn't hurt the team as much as you people want to believe. He hasn't had any "big kicks" because he hasn't needed to make any.

I cited Utah in '08 (he was a freshman) and Baylor this year. In both games, he was far from the only person to blame. How quickly we forget what a shitty game Dalton had against the Utes. And we needed a heck of a lot more than three points when Baylor was dancing all over us.

Other than those two games, I mean seriously, what has the guy done to deserve such viotrol?

Didn't he hit the go-ahead field goal against Baylor?

Didn't he hit the clincher against Boise State in '09?

And you do realize he hit 47 straight PATs at one point in his career? And was 8-for-8 in FGs to start last season?

Hey, pile on Craig James and Mike Leach and Mack Brown and RGIII all you want. But give the guy a break. He may hit the game-winner in the Las Vegas Bowl this year.

Slay Purple said...

56-6 - Good Guys
O-Pachall & Carter connect for 2 scores
D-Maponga literally knocks the shit out of somebody
S-Forced/Recovered fumble during a kickoff

Big 12-3 offers TCU a spot & GP actually considers not taking it.

shortnkerley's said...

Ed, that's jus silly. He hasn't made any big kicks bc the opportunities he's had to make them, he missed them (Utah). Also, he left 7 points on the board against Baylor. Who cares how many they scored, we should've scored more.

NurseFrog31 said...

51-6 Frogs. Statement game.
O - Pachall goes 19/20 on passes
D - Mapongaaaa
ST - NOT Ross Evans

Even though there will be a bigger crowd because of parents weekend, it will still be quiet because no student will want to get rowdy around their parents.

Next headline: "Longhorns prove they are the biggest d-bags in college football, Big 12 dissolves."

Can we make a new rule? No one stands up for Ross Evans until he kicks the winning FG in the National Championship.

THEFINCH said...

defending r evs is like defending erik mill-hair, please stop. they are both a pathetic waste of a scholarship.

Zachary said...

58 to 14. Frogger.

EdK said...

OK. Well. I said my peace. Look, I cringe like everybody else when he lines up for a kick.

He's an easy target. I just figured you all had a little more imagination.

CounselorFrog said...

You figured wrong, we don't. We always take the east way out.

Frogs 127, Portland State 2

purpleheart said...

56-0 Frogs
O- Boyce
D- Carder finally shows up and Maponga goes nuts
ST- McCoy

Crowd will be better numbers wise because of parent's weekend. Definitely not rowdy, loud and proud.

Big 12 is dead, TCU going indy, Big East drops football altogether. The end. I'm over realignment.

Reed said...

Damn yall hear that interview with GP? he was so pissed off. "Defense is bad, offense is bad. Made a couple plays but thats not horned frog football"

Slay Purple said...

Couldn't agree more. We need to have a Post for game-time comments for the out-of-towners.

Auxilio said...

I've been reading Spit Blood for a while, but haven't had the time/initiative. I came close after reading some of the disparaging comments about Ross Evans, but Ed's post here finally inspired me to do so.

I read this blog because I'm a fan and student of TCU. I want to get the latest news about our team and find reasons to look down on the competition. But sometimes, you guys take things too far.

Ross Evans is not the best kicker in the world. He's also not the worst kicker. He clearly does have a confidence issue. Imagine the pressure that a kicker must be under when they're called onto the field. When they're under the most pressure, think about what got them into that situation. If we need 3 points that badly, then surely someone else on the team must have made some huge mistakes to get us in this situation. Football is a team sport. It's easy for you to sit in your houses and watch the games on TV, or sip a beer in the stands and criticize what a single player does. But when the game comes down to a single player performing his job correctly, stop and think about what got TCU into that situation.

I said it, he has a confidence issue. Surely, your hateful attitudes towards him wouldn't help that situation. I'm not asking you to praise him, but perhaps not writing whole posts dedicated to denigrating him would be a decent thing to do.

Even more disappointing to me than RE missing a kick is the callous attitude of SB towards a member of our team. I don't care who it is on the team, true fans don't act like assholes towards their own team. Save it for the other team, and even then keep it respectful unless they truly deserve it (Robert Griffin).

I want to be a fan of Spit Blood, and I want to believe that you guys are reasonable, intelligent graduates. But you're not exactly setting a great standard by your attitudes towards TCU. I think y'all are better than that, so please prove me right.

D said...

Auxilio- everybody has an opinion about something. Ya some guys are pissed off at the guy, some could care less.

We all want him to perform, and he stepped up today which was good. The thing is, kickers are always going to get shitted on at some point or another, it happens everywhere and in every league.

Auxilio said...

To me, it's not really even important who it is on the team that's being degraded. Just the fact that anybody on our team is being treated like this by people that call themselves fans, well it makes me sick. Fans are supposed to support their team, the trash talk should be intended for the other team.

I know it's Spit Blood, and their identity comes from taking things a bit too far. But on our own team?

Tanner said...

yeah. he sucks. just because he is on my team doesn't mean that i can't wish he was on someone else's team. if pachall was 1-97 passing with 6 int i would want another qb.

its weird to think that you can only criticize the other team. just...weird.

Reed said...

i cant believe yall are arguing about this. i mean shit we won the fucking rose bowl. i get both sides - evans gets a bad wrap because he missed kicked in two massive heartbreaking losses, but its not like he even came close to pulling a brotzman. i say yall drop it and everyone turns their attention to pulling down smus pants next weekend

shortnkerley's said...

Can't be critical of your own team? That's silly. For example, our basketball team is awful, but do you want us to make posts weekly during basketball season blowing smoke up your ass and trying to validate a 1-15 MWC record? Child please. This is the interwebnets. If you want positive reinforcement for everything, go read and I'm sure you'll be glad to find out Ross Evans is about to become the leading scoring in MWC history.

Auxilio said...

I never said we couldn't be critical of our team. I did say that we shouldn't be assholes towards our team. I hope you understand the difference there.

Sir Wesley Willis said...

I can't recall anyone being an "asshole" towards Evans in all honesty. Just stating facts - he misses kicks. He has missed big kicks. I get your point, but you clearly haven't been reading SB all that long because one of the things we offer is a lack of filtered content. That's why we're around - so folks can say how they really feel.

And I wouldn't say we're the only guilty ones - have you ever read the message boards at KFC and menace? They're just huge bastions of old man fearmongering and one upmanship. I'd say we're MORE positive than they are as a whole.