Friday, September 9, 2011

Spit Blood Predictions: TCU vs. Air Force

It's Friday. You just got back from a way too long lunch break, and you're probably not going to get anything done for the rest of your time in the office. Except, that is, show off your prophesying skills by telling us all what will happen when the Frogs and Falcons take the field tomorrow afternoon in Colorado Springs.

Don't be shy- light up our comments section with what you think the final score will be and who the offensive, defensive and special teams standouts will be. Also, with word that Ed Wesley and Tanner Brock are questionable for the game- do you think they'll play? If so, how do you think they'll perform? If not, how will their replacements play?


shortnkerley's said...

30-21 TCU.

We get 4 touchdowns, but after Evans craps away our first extra point, we go for 2 the rest of the way and convert them all. I think Waymon has a huge game as well. Also defensively I hope to see Kris Gardner fill the void nicely for Tanner.

VikingFrog said...

42-17 TCU.

Offense is clicking and D shows what they can do.

Sorry about no video this week. Short week + start of NFL and Fantasy Football + piles of work = no video.

I promise and extra special one next week.

FWFrog said...

D - Tank has a breakout game after last weeks silent night. figure 10 tackles, 4 for loss, one sack (I'm going on a limb and assuming AF will actually throw the ball more than 9 times. After seeing our Baylor film, I know I would)

O -In Ed's absense, Casey throws for 250 with 2 TDs. one to Boyce, one to Skye.

ST - Ross Evans redeems himself by hitting three FGs over 40 yards... ha, not really. Seriously though, Skye Dawson adds another TD with a punt return for 6.

Injuries - As suggested above, Ed will not play tomorrow. Tucker will bust out and rush for 100 and one TD. Tanner on the other hand, I have no idea.

Final Score: TCU 27, AF 21

buffalo said...

27 - 9 frogs. no touchdown allowed.

Mr. Bubbakins said...


Lyle Lanley said...

I think I predicted 26-17 against Baylor last week. I was obviously way wrong, but I'm gonna roll that score prediction out again for Air Force this week.

I think Casey will have a good game, but it'll be James with 100+ and Tucker with some tough inside yardage (75 and 2 TDs) that get the job done on offense.

On defense, it'll be Maponga and Broughton doing the largely un-noticed work of leveraging the Air Force option into the waiting arms of Tank and Gardner/Cain...assuming Tanner Brock is out.

In the altitude, I look for Anson Kelton to win the field position game for the Frogs with some boomers.

JB said...

20-12 TCU.

Tank Carder, Stansly Maponga, and DJ Yendrey play an effective game of Red Rover against the triple-option tomfoolery, allowing 2 field goals in the 1st half and 2 more in 2nd half.

Pachall slips a little bit, but Tucker and James rise to the occasion for 2 running touchdowns and 1 passing touchdown. 2 missed PAT's and one 2 point conversion. All Frog's points come in the 2nd half, and the last touchdown comes in the final 5 minutes.

Mankdog said...

35-21 Frogs.

Casey-3 TDs, James-2 TD's

Tank dominates on D.

RollsBoyce82 said...

31-17 TCU

Our defense will be vastly different then what we saw last week against Baylor, no doubt in my mind GP makes the necessary adjustments to improve our defensive chances.Look for Tim Jefferson to test our secondary early with Mikel Hunter. I'm even gonna go out on limb and say Jason Varrett will be much improved this week, I'm willing to give him a 2nd chance (#notbettingthehouseonit).

Boyce reaches the century mark this week w/ two scores. Skye takes one straight to Air Force's dome on a Punt Return and the offense keeps clicking from the last quarter of football we saw out of the frogs.

PurpleHaze said...

Aundre Dean is out too (according to his twitter). So I look for a massive air attack from the frogs. Defense will rebound from a poor performance last week.

38-17 Frogs

Travis said...

Bold Predicition:
If D plays halfway better and offense fires like it did last week, then I will probably only consume 2-4 adult beverages, during the first half. If not, heavy sedation will once again be required. Over under will be 10 cocktails, kickoff to conclusion, afternoon "nap" to follow since it is an early game.

JB said...

Travis, I'll take the under, but it will be a close game, both on the field and behind the bar. I do believe that the Frogs will have more in the "Tank" in the 4th quarter, even in the altitude and even considering my comments on Tuesday regarding conditioning. Your nap will likely be a true nap and not a pass-out.

Jack Burton said...

35-21 Frogs. Pachall for 3 TD's with James running in 2. Go Frogs

Zachary said...

I'm gonna say 28-24. Frogs.

Slay Purple said...

40-20 Frogs

O: Casey 300 3TD/2INT, James 120 2TD

D: Maponga & Braylon both force a fumble

ST: Skye/McCoy set us up well in the return game

spoiledguineafrog said...

being a proponent of conspiracies, i'm calling 20-17 frogs. i'm glad air force is earlier this year - 73 degrees and sunny wont give us near the struggle 35 degrees and snowing did.

Adam said...

Bold Prediction: CDC revives the Men's Soccer program for the sole purpose of getting a good place kicker.

Game Prediction: TCU 31 AFA 17

THEFINCH said...

31-24 Frogs. Waymon James 150+ rushing, 2 tds

NurseFrog31 said...

Adam, from your mouth to God's (or CDC's) ears. Please, please, PLEASE.