Saturday, September 3, 2011

sb late night- THA POST GAME ADDRESS

IT'S NOT 2010 ANYMORE. This year, we are not the Rose Bowl Champs, it's in the fu$%ng past. This is the only time I will ever be negative, this year...

I love my team, I love my boys, but it's for your own good. This is coming from a guy that never missed kick-off, never missed the second half for many years.

This is a new team, a new year, a humble pie with a taste I want you to remember for your own good... Now:

1. ROSS EVANS - What is it that you do during the off-season? Just curious, because well, do I even need to f$%king explain myself...Your one job and I'm going to stop because you will cry if I keep on going.

Crazy Dave's Advice: start sleeping with a football and lube it accordingly or it's going to be a long season. You've forgotten how important you are to your team. It's like a golf swing, be confident in yourself.

Next two pay attention:

2. JASON VERRETT - I found myself checking the roster too many times for #2. I was a d-back once upon a time and the only word I have to type in caps is TOAST. Your name is still synonymous with JUCO transfer. Lets change that perception. Prove yourself, there's a reason why you're on this team.

3. Greg McCoy - Unfortulately Greg, the same (TOAST). You can kick this habit bud. I know, it hurts, especially the twice burnt kind with no butter, it hurts. like fucked up burned up french toast when it's your favorite thing to eat for breakfast. You're one of my favorites but stop hugging the turf everytime you get burned, we're already as mad as you are when it happens. Keeling over like a corps everytime gets monotonous and messes with my blood pressure. It's like "well shit on my face again, who let that one get by? oh, never mind, it's McCoy again. I know this because he's lying face down in the turf, fuck."

On a good note, your returns take me back to Wyoming.

4. "Smiles" Dawson - #11... Fly Dawson. Skye Dawson. You make me nervous everytime they punt. But hellova job, keep it up.

to #4 - Stop going out all the fu$%ing time, that's all I hear about you. Change it up a little bit. Fly a plane, go cliff diving, use gold bond, something.


Travis said...

It's hard to put in words how we all feel. A team, not just Baylor, a team put 50 points up on a GP Defense? Shock, anger, confusion...all good descriptors. The different uniforms, different names on the back of many of them, and some other guy wearing #14. It didn't feel as if I was watching my team play. Like GP says, "we have to grow some players up". It hurts, but now we can all enjoy watching this team grow and forget about Rose Bowls, perfect seasons, and worrying about ESPeoN(and those two idiots calling the game who have waited two seasons for TCU to lose so that they could prop up that team from Idaho) and BCS talk. Frankly, after two straight seasons, I am exhausted. Casey looked pretty damn good guys for a first start. 5 TDs, one late game mistake. I agree, and we saw it last year, Evans has gotten worse the older he gets. Ross, come on son, we have 11 games left when you count that crappy MWC bowl game we are now relegated to play, when this teams gets it together. Skye, you were exciting, fly Skye fly! However, next week begins the MWC defense of our two year reign. Gang, the season has just begun and we still have alot of great Saturdays ahead. This was a blip, TCU will be ready for AFA. I actually now feel better about our chances heading into conference play. We lost a close one, came back from a huge deficit. I attended TCU when frankly, we plain sucked(88-92), and I know we don't care about moral victories. But, tonight was not all doom and gloom. TCU students, keep you heads up on campus this week and support you fellow student athletes. You are so damn lucky to be at TCU during these glory days! I am envious, and our best days are still to come. Go Frogs!!!!!!!!!

Travis said...

ya, that's right 4:19am. I can't sleep! Just punished myself and watched the final 10 minutes of the re-broadcast. Damn entertaining if you just enjoy watching college football and don't have a dog in the hunt!

VikingFrog said...

Like I said in my previous post.

The sky is not falling. Alot of positives to pull out of that game. The bad thing was there are negatives where we thought we were good.

Our boys showed a lot of heart as they could have so easily packed it in like so many fans in the stands.

Pachall may go out all the time, but he went all out last night leading the team back ahead in the final few minutes.

Zachary said...

I agree with Travis..It was damn entertaining to watch.

Taylor said...

Red said...

It might be a good idea to tone down the "hate". Why give the opposition bulletin board material? Winning this year is going to be tough enough as it is. When I was at TCU we won 7 games in 5 years so we heard plenty of smack talk. Guess that's why I don't like hearing it dished out?
I had a feeling we may be in trouble when the Vegas oddsmakers opened TCU at -7 and the line dropped to -3.5 for last nights game. TCU is -1.5 next week at AF and 3 weeks, a mere -10.5 to SMU in FT WORTH! The biggest tell tale is TCU+14.5 at Boise in Nov. No sir,this is not the 2010 team.
I was impressed with Pachall as the game progressed, he seemed to get better. The defense got burned so much that there's talk of RG3 being in Heisman contention.

shortnkerley's said...

Really don't think "bulletin board material" played into this game at all, otherwise we would've won bc we were supplied with much more of it than they were. The hate will not be going anywhere, and if you think that it somehow has an impact in the outcome of the game, you severely overestimate the impact this blog has on the actual college football realm, but thanks.

Red said...

Maybe a good memory was all they needed?