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Rotten Shite: Toby's Business College and other Waco Crap

Who the Hell recruited these dorks?

So, I'm sure that all of you know that TCU started playing football in Waco in 1896. But do you know that Baylor didn't start playing until 1899? So, who was the first opponent to play TCU?

That honor goes to the goofily named "Toby's Business College" (sometimes known as Toby's Business School). TCU played their first game around Thanksgiving 1896 and beat TBC 8-6. TCU (then new to both Waco and the name TCU) only started experimenting withfootball because of co-founder Addison Clark's son, "Little Addie", had fallen in love with the sport after having spent time up north.

But what the %$#* is a Toby's Business College? Some dude named William Toby, a civil engineer turned bookkeeper, started teaching night classes for accounting/bookkeeping in the early 1890's. Apparently, he was good at it and opened a full school later, had a correspondence school in New York, was one of the first Texans listed in Who's Who, a member of many prestigious accounting groups, was a handwriting expert, and wrote several books. He died in 1937 and his school closed during World War II.

And despite all of his achievements, he's now a footnote in history as the guy who provided cannon fodder for the beginnings of TCU Football.

Extra info: TCU didn't declare purple their color or the Horned Frog as the mascot until 1897. TCU beat the crap out of TBC one more time, 41-0 in 1898. TBC was also Baylor's first game in 1899. The Bears played four games their first year, beating TBC twice, losing to the Aggies, and playing to a scoreless draw in the first Horned Frog-Bear meeting. As far as I can tell, TBC played those four games and gave up playing for good.

Other random crap related to recent topics

According to the illustrious Colby D. Hall (Longtime Dean of TCU, player in the first TCU football game, and namesake of the perfectly named "Colby Hall") in his 1947 book, "History of Texas Christian University", "A Catastrophe and a Challenge came down with shocking suddenness on Tuesday, March 22, 1919[sic], at 8:30 p.m.-- a fire of unproven origin that destroyed the magnificent fire-proof (?) Main Building and resulted in the removal, that summer, from Waco to Fort Worth." (p.136)

This, aside from the completely baffling date screw up (it was 1910, not 1919), this pretty much sums up the Waco Campus Fire. Too bad we didn't have CSI Waco back then, they might have figured it out, but nobody knows and most likely nobody will ever know the cause. Might have been faulty wiring or a spark from the smokestacks... might've been aliens. Who the hell knows. Baylor, in an official capacity, sent their band over the next day to try and provide some happy distraction. They also offered up their campus facilities to TCU students. This doesn't rule out some jackass Baylor students who were repressed even by early 1900's standards and felt the need to take out some frustration on the cross town rival (we did beat them 2 out of 3 times the previous football season).

But hey, it was probably a blessing in disguise. Would you have wanted to go to school in Waco? Even if it was TCU? In the ensuing decision on where the campus would move, Dallas actually made a strong plea to get the campus there. Jeebus... we almost ended up sharing that asstown with SMU! So thanks asshole Baylor students... thanks for burning down our school and getting us the hell out of your crappy little burg.

There is at least one good thing that came out of Waco: Dr. Pepper. 1885... older than Coke and Pepsi.

And finally, one more thing I'd like to mention. LaDainian Tomlinson. It's well documented that LT was not heavily recruited by big names. Most thought he was "too small". According to his mom ("LT & Me"), the final three were Baylor, North Texas, and TCU. Wow! I mean, that shouldn't be a tough choice, right? Baylor was in the big boy conference called the "Big 12." TCU was in some nobody conference, and UNT... wait... people knew they played football? Who wouldn't want to play in the illustrious "Big 12"... obviously it was an important conference, full of real football schools... who would be insane enough not to pick such a prestigious football school like Baylor?

Well, apparently when LT narrowed his choices down to 2 schools, he was considering TCU and... NORTH TEXAS! Wow... Baylor had shitty coaching and no eye for talent... well that or Baylor felt like LT was beneath them to go hard at him. Although, there's also the school of thought that LT just didn't want to be in f$%#ing Waco anymore, seeing as how he went to High School in the rathole. Baylor did actually offer him a scholarship for Basketball, but he wisely chose football and stayed away from the Bear Assassins Guild.

So yeah, Baylor was dismissed by LT in favor of TCU or North Fracking Texas. The Future NFL Hall of Famer just found UNT more appealing than the great school of Baylor.

(LT ended up choosing TCU largely because they didn't play on artificial turf, like UNT. )

So there's a bunch of random crap to hopefully help take a few minutes off the anxious, nerve wracking wait until the game tomorrow night. Cripes I can't wait for this to be over.

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