Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Put your $$$ where your (hateful) mouth is

Because we don't believe in censorship, there's a pretty decent chance that some of our content does not always meet with the approval of TCU administration. We don't plan on changing that any time soon, but I figured we'd post something to make us look not quite so bad in their eyes for once. So take it away, Chancellor Boschini and Super Frog:

Last I checked, SMU was 71 people ahead. All you need to do is log on to www.makeagift.tcu.edu and give as little as $5 to count toward TCU's total. I'm pretty sure you can even designate the money to go to athletics, just in case you still hate your old professors.


Mantikos said...

I just made 5 $5 donations (alternating between my name and my spouse's)...best $25 ever spent
More comming up!
Look at the positives, you get to beat SMU (in addition to beating them on the FB field this Sat) AND help raise TCU's ranking (because rankings take into account alumni donations; spl young alumni donations!) WIN WIN!

Lyle Lanley said...

They got $15 from me

westtexasfrog said...

I just donated the other day to the Frog Club

VikingFrog said...

These days I feel like I don't even have $5 to my name.

Donated anyways.