Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Movement Watch: Week 5.

Lot of games to check this week, so let's get to it. We're going AP this week because that's how ESPN lists their schedule and I'm lazy.

Potential Movement, High:

#16 South Florida @ Pitt. Thursday, 7:00PM. ESPN. A Thursday night treat that could be in our future should the Big East not dissolve in the next year. South Florida has relatively cruised to a 4-0 record on a back of a high scoring offense and cupcake filled sched while Pitt has suffered two pretty crushing losses in back to back weeks against Iowa and Notre Dame. However, as those two teams were Iowa and Notre Dame, and both were at home, I'm not sure what Pitt is really working with in Todd Graham's first season under the headset. USF likely wins this one, but a Pitt loss could send the Bulls tumbling.

#14 aggy vs. #18 Arkansas. Saturday, 11:00AM. ESPN. You see what happens aggys and razorbacks? You see what happens when you lose your biggest games of the year on national television IN THE ASS??!? You get the 11:00AM ESPN treatment. Keep that in mind when heading to FW Saturday AM, Eastern-ites. Arkansas was mostly run out of Tuscaloosa by the Alabama Defense on one side and a hearty dose of Trent Richardson on the other, while aggy perfected a second half collapse so succinctly it almost brought tears to my eyes... which it later did when I remembered I had the over. This game should be a whole lot of fun as aggy was officially invited into the SEC this week and almost immediately becomes Arkansas' #1 rival. An arky loss here almost certainly moves us past them in the rankings, but we can't REALLY pull for aggy, can we? I think they'll drop with a loss, anyway.
#15 Baylor @ Kansas State. Saturday, 2:30PM. ABC <----- NOT a misprint. Baylor? On ABC? When they aren't playing UT or Oklahoma? Color me shocked. I highly suggest putting this one on mute because the Robert Griffin slurp will be at peak levels, although I have to admit that his 13 TD/12 Incompletion ratio is ok. JUST ok. Kansas State is coming off the school's biggest non-con win in years after taking out Miami, FL while Baylor has mostly feasted on softies with poor defenses... and I realize what that means for us. I'm really excited to pull for Kansas State in this one.

#17 Texas @ Iowa State. Saturday, 6:00PM. Always Sunny In Philadelphia Channel. Remember that time last year when Iowa State beat Texas in Austin? That was cool. It's a longer shot this year, especially now that Texas seems to have found a QB that isn't a complete failure and Mack realized that giving the ball to your top recruit from last season is GOOD for results. However, ISU has a QB named Steele Jantz. That's just a good name. Oh, and fuck Texas.

Potential Movement, Low:

#13 Clemson @ #11 Virginia Tech. Saturday, 5:00PM. ESPN2. Aww, lookit the cute lil Clemson! They're so happy! Too bad they're going to get not winned Saturday. I'm thinking the loser of this one still stays above us, though.

#10 South Carolina vs. Auburn. Saturday, 2:30 PM. CBS. As long as QB Stephen Garcia doesn't play like a complete idiot - FAR from guaranteed - USC should come out with a win. But doesn't it feel like they're due for a loss soon? Upset special.

ESPN Approved Jumpers:

#21 Georgia Tech @ North Carolina State. Saturday, 2:30PM. ESPN. Do you like football? Do you like FREE money? Georgia Tech -9.5 for a million dollars should do the trick! GT most certainly jumps us with the W.

#22 West Virginia vs. Bowling Green. Saturday, 2:30PM. Remember that time WVU almost had 600 yards of offense and STILL lost by nearly 4 TDs? Cause it was last week. They'll score lots of points and win this week.
#24 Illinois vs. Northwestern. Saturday, 11:00AM. ESPN2. Double upset special - Northwestern may eat poop, but Illinois cannot keep winning. They may have fired Schultz, but that bad mojo don't wash easy. Like the clap.

Decent potential for movement this week, but I can't see us going more than a couple of spots in either direction. And we still have to win our game, which is the opposite of a sure thing. Unlike the clap in Lubbock.


shortnkerley's said...

i dont ever want ASU to lose strictly because of Vontaze Burfict.

EdK said...

As painful as it might seem, Frog fans better hope Baylor wins ... and wins again. Look, the Bears are going to lose to OSU and OU for sure and probably A/M and Texas. That's four losses right there. It won't help the Frogs in the rankings if a team that beat them, well, stinks.

shortnkerley's said...

Don't care. Won't pull for Baylor. We aren't going to the BCS this year, so fuck those guys. I want them to go 3-9.

Sir Wesley Willis said...

I definitely have EdK's mentality when it comes to our year, but deep down I know it won't matter what anyone else does. And I wouldn't go for Baylor if they were playing the Taliban.

VikingFrog said...

I'll say it again till it's no longer an option.

1 Loss TCU versus Undefeated Baylor in the NC.

You heard it here first. And second. And third.

Angry Trey said...

That dude Burfict is such a beast.