Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Movement Watch: Week 2.

The song is called "Movement"

Despite the TCU dynasty being OFFICIALLY OVER OMG WE'RE NEVER WINNING ANOTHER GAME AND GARY PATTERSON IS GOING TO LEAVE US FOR KANSAS STATE AND TCU IS GOING TO DROP FOOTBALL ALTOGETHER AND MAKE IT A CLUB, INTRAMURAL SPORT... yes, despite all that, the Frogs still managed to stay ranked this week, sneaking into the Top 25 at 25th in both polls. As I'm sure you're all well aware, that's one spot higher than Baylor in the Coaches' and several spots lower in the AP. The AP voters probably got it more right than the Coaches', but you know my motto: Fuck Baylor and Fuck the AP poll. We're rolling Coaches' this week.

As is the new policy, we're sticking mostly with games that could directly impact TCU's status with a few high potential upsets tossed in for conversation. Just a reminder, I reserve the right to scrap the Movement watch altogether if TCU drops too far out, but for now we're still going.

Potential Upsets, Effecting:

#19 Missouri @ #23 Arizona State. Friday, 9:30PM. ESPN.

One night after their cross state rival Wildcats travel to Stillwater for a Thurday night treat, the Sun Devils face their own Big 12 test in the Missourah Tigers. Looking at this matchup you may think, "Well, Missouri is ranked and Arizona State isn't and Arizona State hasn't done shit in a long time.. so Tigers!" but you'd be wrong. Believe it or not, Arizona State is favored by nearly a touchdown in this one, more than likely thanks to their dismantling of UC Davis compared to Missouri's 11-point squeaker against Miami, the bad one. New Missouri signal caller James Franklin did not live up to the standard his predecessors have set for him in Columbia, and getting stared down by Arizona Linebacker and escaped mental patient Vontaze Burfict probably won't make things any easier. Of course, you shouldn't judge a team based on their opener, but I have a feeling Mizzou Coach Gary Pinkel would rather have a cupcake or two at home instead of the road game in Tempe. As for Arizona State, this is pretty much Coach Dennis Erickson's last stand because he's fired without good results this season. Fortunately he seems to have a decent QB in Brock Osweiller and no shortage of porn stars in training to incentivize his team with if they pull off this one. They should also serve as a pretty good distraction to the visiting Tigers. I have very little to go on here, but I think the Sun Devils get it done. The best news here though? No matter who wins or loses, we gain a spot in the rankings with our own win!

#20 Penn State vs. #2 Alabama. Saturday, 2:30PM. ABC.

When these two teams played last year, it was hyped as one of the best games on the calendar. Unfortunately, much like Oregon/LSU and Boise/Georgia this year, it didn't live up to its billing, resulting in a 3 TD Bama rout. Now that the game shifts back to the Happy Valley, will things be any different? Definitely hard to say as both teams put a beat down on their cupcake opponents this past Saturday by almost identical scores. However, the big difference in this one should come in the passing game, as Alabama looks like they have one while Penn State is still searching for answers. Neither team has named a QB, but AJ McCarron looks like the guy at Alabama after a solid opening performance, while Penn State will play both Matt McGloin and Rob Bolden. An unsteady QB situation going up against a Nick Saban defense? Ruh-roh. Add Trent Richardson, who is ready to break out after receiving limited carries in the opener, into the mix and sounds like TCU should easily gain at least one spot in the polls with a win.

#21 Texas vs. BYU. Saturday, 6:00PM. ESPN2.

Cheering for BYU? Ugh, but it's part of our repertoire this week. BYU looked pretty shaky last weekend in taking down a poor Ole Miss team, while Texas, despite some early struggles, looked like they may have figured things out a little bit towards the end of their blowout against Rice. So that and the Austin setting should set up nicely for the Matthew McConaugheys. But don't be so certain; after all, Garrett Gilbert is still under center for UT, and all reports suggest he did not look like the second coming of Johnny Unitas, which apparently Robert Griffin sotally is, right every ESPN commentator ever? The Horns also proved that their 105,000 strong can only do so much in winning TWO home games last year. But, it looks like UT's bowing to the lowly level of hiring a non-AQ offensive coordinator paid off, at least for one game, with a variation of quirky formations leading to 34 points and over 500 yards of offense. Strangely enough for BYU, their defense is what held the ship together in Oxford this past weekend, winning the game on a forced fumble TD recovery late. Jake Heaps and college football's version of a boring, Spurs-like offense were only able to put up 7 points against a defense that will likely give up a billion more points than that once things are said and done. I don't know why I'm still typing, as much as I hate Texas and wish they would lose every game, they aren't dropping this one.

Potential Upsets, non-effecting:

#7 Okie Lite vs. Arizona. Thursday, 7:00PM. ESPN.

This one falls into this category mostly because, even if Arizona was to pull off the upset and we win, I doubt the voters will elevate us above a big, bad Big 12 school. However, the Wildcats are on the fringe of the top 25 themselves, so there's a chance their winning could negatively impact us anyway. As for this one, Oklahoma State scored a lot of points last week and likely will score a lot of points all year, but they still gave up 34 points to... Lousiana-Lafayette. Clearly the Big 12 is often won by the team that is able to score enough points to cover for their terrible defense, but unfortunately for the Cowboys it looks like Arizona scores points AND plays defense. A serious connundrum, no doubt. Of course, Arizona played the mighty Lumberjacks of Northern Arizona, a comically misplaced nickname if there ever was one, so they shouldn't toot their own horns too much. But I think this one is closer than one might expect. Can Bob Stoops' brother keep with the family tradition in taking out the Pokes? Nah, but it'd be cooler if he did.

#12 South Carolina @ Georgia. Saturday, 3:30PM. ESPN.

Based on how South Carolina played in the second half and how Georgia played in both halfs of their openers, the Cocks should win this one running away. Once Stephen Garcia was awakened from his THC induced slumber on the sidelines, he led the Gamecocks on a 56-20 run in what ended up being a blowout win over East Carolina. Of course, they WERE down 17-0 at the time which doesn't bode well for their defense, but as I expect our defense to improve dramatically this week, I'll give USC the benefit of the doubt. The Bulldogs, however, have some things to figure out, despite their valiant second half effort to fight back in a game they were never in in the first place. Regardless of who wins, though, a 1-1 South Carolina team stays up on TCU, although a 1-1 Georgia squad COULD sneak back in ahead of us based on SEC street cred.

Potential ESPN Approved Jumper:

None this week, since we're at the bottom of the barrel, but if we really want to look at the "also receiving votes" category, you can look towards that USC-Utah game as both teams sit right outside the Top 25. Keep in mind, however, that USC is ineligible for the Coaches' Poll and post season play, but remains eligible for the AP. So in other words, go Trojans because you can't do hurt us. A 2-0 Arizona team with a win over top ten ranked Oklahoma State on the road could also be seen as dangerous, and a 1-1 Georgia squad could turn some heads as well.

A little bit of room for movement, although we need to win by double digits against the Falcons to be guaranteed a spot in the rankings at all. Our ceiling this week is the 21-25 range. Let's keep climbin' that mountain.

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