Monday, September 26, 2011

Movement Watch Roundup: Week 4.

As demonstrated by the image above, there was no movement this week and we may be in a bit of a holding pattern for the near future. If you're of the glass half full variety, Baylor and Boise's continued success certainly aids our cause. Also helping our cause, for the immediate future, is the Big East having no ranked teams. You'll recall that a Top 16 non-AQ school qualifies for the BCS if ranked above any qualifying AQ team. It's a long shot, but hey, why not hold out hope?

And if you're of the glass half empty variety? Then to hell with Baylor and Boise! I kind of like this aggressive yet nihilistic ethos, meself. Here's a quick rundown of why we remained at 20th in both polls. Coaches' Poll will still be used.

The Good.

#23 West Virginia 21, #3 LSU 47. A pleasant surprise here as West Virginia took a MAJOR tumble down the polls after that bloodletting, falling from 16th to 23rd. A bit harsh, yes, but they did lose by 26 points at home. Interestingly enough, the Mountaineers actually outgained LSU 533-366 in total yardage. So how, do you ask, does a team that puts up that much offense still lose by nearly 4 TDs? By turning the ball over 4 times, natch. The positive of this is that the LSU defense is comprised of real live human beings capable of mistakes. The bad news is... they still won by 26 damned points. Seriously, Wyoming/TCU is clearly THE game of the week November 5th, but LSU/Alabama is a close second. It might have some national appeal.

The Meh.

#15 Clemson 35, #24 Florida State 30. As anticipated, Clemson pulled out the win and jumped us while Florida State took a nosedive following a second consecutive tough loss. Clemson Freshman WR Sammy Watkins had a Skye Dawson-esque performance with 8 receptions for 141 yards and 2 TDs and Florida State did their part with ELEVEN PENALTIES FOR 124 YARDS in the Tigers win. Clemson fans are excited and the medjia is hyping them up per usual, but keep in mind they were facing a Florida State team without studs QB EJ Manuel and CB Greg Reid, so you can pretty much mark them down for a loss this weekend in Blacksburg.

The Bad.

#19 Michigan 28, SDSU 7. Thanks, SDSU. I was pretty sure a Michigan win would lift them past us, but held out hope that it would be a high scoring, close contest that wouldn't quite give voters enough confidence. For their part, The Aztecs kept Denard Robinson in check through the air, holding him to 93 yards with 2 INTs. Of course, they forgot to cover him outside of the pocket where he racked up 200 yards and 3 scores. The Wolverines D managed to do few teams have and SORT OF shut down Ronnie Hillman, holding him to 109 yards and no scores. IF we can escape this weekend, that game doesn't seem quite as ominous now does it?

Not a good week for the movement, but if we can keep winning things will eventually even out. It just might take a lot longer than we want it to.


VikingFrog said...

I'll be routing for Baylor all year. There are other teams I hate much more.

Fantasy prediction that I will keep predicting till it is no longer possible.

Undefeated Baylor Versus 1 Loss TCU in the National Championship game after all other teams drop 2 games.

Sir Wesley Willis said...

you're a brave man.

EdK said...

Actually, it would have been good if West Virginia had o\won. It only makes the Big East look that much weaker.