Monday, September 19, 2011

Movement Watch Roundup: Week 3.

20th in both polls, thanks to three of the losses listed below. Let's do it.

New Coaches' rankings reflected.

The Good.

#22 Clemson 38, Auburn 24. 17 game win streak is finally over. And Auburn's defense is garbage.

Illinois 17, Arizona State 14. See ya later, Devils. Ron Zook taketh away and Ron Zook giveth.

Miami, FL 24, Ohio State 6. In the easiest to call upset of the weekend, Ohio State finally came tumbling back to earth after some scares. They completed four total passes. True story.

#3 LSU 19, Mississippi State 6. Technically a "meh" but MSU would've jumped us had they won, so good. Also, LSU's defense is the most terrifying thing to emerge from the swamps of Louisiana since a Glen Davis BM.

The Bad.

# 18 Texas 49, UCLA 20. Texas has another McCoy at QB and it makes me want to vomit. Still, the most impressive UT offensive performance in ages - perhaps they were winning one for Old Freaknasty? Also, Chris Petersen is all sorts of about to be your next Head Coach of the UCLA Bruins. Again, remember, a UT win is always in the bad category whether it effects us or not. It's the way of things.

The Meh.

UCF 10, FIU 17. UCF probably would not have jumped us with a win, but having them completely out of the race helps. Also, remember that time FIU was only known for brawling with Miami? Apparently they'd kinda good at football now which makes total sense in that they're just Boise but instead of getting recruits too dumb to go to a Cal-based school, they're pulling from Florida.


purplepeopleater said...

I kept on waiting for UCLA to come back, then I waited some more, then again. I HATE having to hear "ha ha hook em." That phrase just makes me sick. I'll def be cheering my ass off for Baylor the last week of the season.

Sir Wesley Willis said...

Forgot to include Notre Dame's spanking of Michigan State in here, as well as Baylor jumping us in the Coaches', which has been due. I'm lazy today.

VikingFrog said...

I like where we are in the polls.

I'm done worrying about where we are going to play next year and will strictly worry about this year.

Until we are out of the BCS question this year, I'm assuming we are going.

Our D will find itself.