Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Movement Watch Roundup: Week 1.

As astute poster Rotten Arsenal pointed out earlier, despite the stumble in Waco, the Frogs stayed up in both polls, sitting uncomfortably at 25. Baylor went from outside of the "others receiving votes" category all the way to 22 in the AP poll, but still sits one spot behind us in the Coaches' - re: the one that matters down the road -, which I'm sure is irking their catastrophically fair weather fanbase considerably. It appears the Coaches' did not have the knee jerk reaction to the loss that the AP did and instead took into account the closeness of the final score, how it happened and isn't overlooking Baylor's own defensive collapse. If both teams keep winning, based on the caliber of opponent that ranking should stay the same for the foreseeable future. However, I have no doubt that we will finish the season ranked higher than the Bears by any count, so no reason to get upset about that AP ranking quite yet.

Clearly we did not do our part to help ourselves out in the rankings, but fortunately a few other teams helped us out along the way. For the sake of brevity and timeliness, I think it's only necessary to look at the teams who did themselves no favors over the weekend, as well as only focus on the Coaches' rankings as they seem to be the smarter of the two, despite what I said last week.

#18 Notre Dame 20, South Florida 23. After a series of rain delays that outnumbered the number of successful series by the Notre Dame offense, future Big East Conferences snuck out of South Bend with a big victory. We knew ND was overrated coming into the season - as they are every year - and fortunately we didn't have to wait too long for them to be drop kicked out of the rankings. New Ranking: NR.

#19 Auburn 42, Utah State 38. It's pretty rare for the defending champs to be ranked this low entering the year. It's even rarer for them to fall in the rankings after a week one tune up against a WAC program. But rarest of all? They actually beat said WAC team. But, as I'm sure you all know, it was NOT pretty. A miracle onside kick, the defense of which was botched MISERABLY by the Utah State hands team, led to a last minute TD and a much closer than you'd expect victory. Auburn fans had fled the stadium earlier when USU took a 38-28 lead on a fake field goal which doesn't say much for the goodwill they generated by purchasing last year's BCS title. As a result, Auburn dropped out of both rankings, which certainly helped the Frogs stay up in the polls. New Ranking: NR.

#22 Georgia 21, #5 Boise State 35. And it wasn't really that close. Georgia was flat out humiliated in front of the home crowd by a Boise team that had no idea what it was capable of heading into the season. Kellen Moore was pretty much lights out all night, shredding the Boise defense with a group of receivers that couldn't even wash jock straps in the SEC. I wasn't going for the Broncos, but I suppose a small part of me felt a little non-AQ pride towards the end. But it only lasted as long as it took to see the replay of Kellen Moore doing his uncoordinated, running backwards with his arms in the air looking like he's about to fall over thing. F Boise. New Georgia Ranking: NR.

No other upsets this weekend. Hopefully we can take care of business in Colorado Springs on Saturday or these Movement watches are going to go the way of the buffalo/TCU's pass defense.

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