Friday, September 23, 2011

Morning Dump

Indifferent practices leave TCU's Patterson baffled Star-Telegram

Portland State at TCU: what you need to know Dallas Morning News

WM's McFarland cheers on TCU The News Star

One Link, because I'm over it


Beau said...

I feel like you are going to lose some readers by being over realignment talk

VikingFrog said...

I doubt that anyone here is over realignment talk.

LA Frog said...

Ross Evans only needs 10 points to become the all-time kick scoring leader in the Mountain West.

Too bad he already hasn't reached this goal since the m*&%$# f*&%$* has missed so many!

Worth Hills Caddy said...

I think we all wish the conference alignment BS was over. Unfortunately, until we land in a secure, automatic AQ conference we have to have concern about what is taking place.

Hopefully, CDC is blackberrying his ass off while in the tanning booth trying to secure us a spot at the big boys table.

Tanner said...

CDC's tan is the source of his power. he will not fail us, I have confidence.