Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Morning Dump

Defense has been burned by big plays, but Frogs are taking corrective measures Star-Telegram

Big East sticking together, giving TCU cause for hope Star-Telegram

Patterson holds weekly presser

TCU, Gary Patterson and superconferences ESPN

TCU's pending move to Big East is suddenly shaky AP

Athletic Department:
Boyce and Igodan are athletes of the week

Answer this: Bob Schieffer Politico

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Rotten Arsenal said...

I wish I could be reassured, but the Big12 had the same kind of "commitment" meeting last year and that's worked out so well. Of course, the BEast doesn't have one giant ego team with its own network to really eff things up...

And now that the PAC is saying no to the OU-UT contigent, that leaves the Big12 right about where the BEast is... waiting for the next earthquake.

I like the idea of bringing in Air Force and one of the other service academies... nice national audience and another slap in the face to the MWC.