Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Morning Dump

TCU's Pachall striving to go from durress to success Star-Telegram

Air Force not lulled by TCU's defense Star-Telegram

Casey pachall is better* than Andy Dalton Star-Telegram

TCU football stadium flying Star-Telegram

Patterson meets with the media

Young TCU players discover speed of college game WFAA

Can TCU forget surprising loss whn it visits Air Force Colorado Springs Gazette

Ramsey: Air Force's defense will face enraged Horned Frogs Colorado Springs Gazette

TCU looks to rebound in MWC opner vs. Air Force Idaho press-Tribune

TCU must take steps to fix surprising porous defense Las Vegas Review-Journal

TCU secondary misses veteran leader ESPN

Chris Del Conte talks super conferences ESPN

Who's next to jump off Big 12's sinking ship? Star-Telegram

A Jets rookie from the roads of Hutto, TX New York Times

Cathcing up with coach Schlossnagle


Rotten Arsenal said...

You know, I'm a little baffled by all these people that find the loss to Baylor "surprising". I think most of us, if we were honest, new there was a very good chance we could lose that game. Maybe not in the way it played out (defense = stinky), but seriously... we had way too many question marks going in to the game and I think we were probably overranked to begin with.
But whatever... I have no doubt we fix things quick and get the underdog mentality back and start stomping all over people again.

dave said...

3rd quarter. all i was thinking at the time was "I just hope we can score a few to make those numbers look less lopsided"

Rotten Arsenal said...

That was pretty much what I was thinking. Never once thought about leaving though... unlike one of my friends (who reads SB) who was "just checking" to see if I wanted to leave.

VikingFrog said...

I was nervous as hell all week because I knew we could lose that game. I have every bit of confidence as anyone, but our guys are young and they were going into ta hostile environment, on the road, for their opener.

Thought it was kind of bullshit of Baylor's PA system to blast music while our guys were in the huddle and coming up to the line on offense.

It's one thing for the fans to get rowdy during that time, but artificially piping in loudness is another thing.

Rotten Arsenal said...

Yeah, I noticed that music crap too. I also thought it was a BS move on their play right before halftime. If you are going to run a play, run the damn play. Don't stand around like you are thinking of running out the clock and then try a play when you thought we weren't paying attention. That was just crap.

Made me wish we actually HAD run up the score on them last year.

Brian B said...

Has anyone seen this?

Rotten Arsenal said...

Oh good lord... well, the biggest negative to their campaign (other than the obvious "they've done jack shite to earn it on the field or even in the stands") is that Craig James supports it. That guy is toxic...