Thursday, September 1, 2011

Morning Dump

Frogs' tight end quickly turns into starting tackle Star-Telegram

Fan rivalry between Baylor and TCU grows ever more bitter Star-Telegram

Patterson meets with the media

Athletic Department:


Rotten Arsenal said...

Oh that's nice. Make us out to be the jerks. If you are going to show comments from the Baylor fans about how awful we are, how about some reciprocation. There are at least as many a-hole ignorant Baylor fans (I'm trying to be nice) to give examples of their unbelievable arrogance and delusion.
Our obsession with them is getting creepy? Your football team used the autograph session to sign everything "Beat TCU"

ItsAlreadyBeenBroughton said...

I'm trying my hardest to just laugh at Baylor's ignorance, but I'm finding it harder and harder to do as we come down to the 30 hour mark. I hate everything about Baylor: their fans, their team, their town, and everything they stand for. Seriously, what gives them the right to think that we are inferior to them? I hope we kick the living shit out of them again.

Sir Wesley Willis said...

Doesn't it feel strange to hate something as non-threatening as Baylor? It's like hating a box of puppies