Friday, September 2, 2011

The Hardline Loves Spitblood

Well, I'm not sure if 'love' is the right word or not, but we definitly got a good shout out. The Hardline show on The Ticket was broadcasting live last night from our new sponsor The Varsity on Bluebonnet Circle. We got tcumurphish to go up and place the koozie right on their table while they were on air. Right as he put it up there, Corby 'I went to TCU' Davidson comments "oh the Spitblood guys are here" and Mike 'Kimball Highschool' Rhyner, with his usual very confused tone, asks "what the heck is that" while Corby goes on to explain that the gag is to get it pictures of it in random spots.

Post show a few of us ran into Corby at the Qui Lounge, we thanked him for the plug, and we learned that he does actually read the blog (which is questionable, but he knew exactly what the site was and the koozie trick so what evs). We ended up giving him one of the last Patterson koozie remaining on this entire planet. Anyway, it was pretty good pub, and The Varsity has some pretty cool stuff. It's time for hamburgers.

"Ha cheek a pa ta na woo ta he na na"

Still very confused on what is going on.


Sir Wesley Willis said...

Everytime I see one of those, "Missing Elderly" warnings on a highway sign, I just assume someone got confused and it's really just Rhynes driving to work.

Lyle Lanley said...

oyster nachos

RicketyFrog said...

Corbette already had a koozy. His picture scrolls by once in awhile holding one back from when he had long hair.