Friday, September 2, 2011

Game Day Dump

Tonight's game:

Foes tonight, but Baylor's Griffin & 3 TCU players were once teammates Star-Telegram

Crystal ball: TCU slips by Baylor ESPN

Baylor ready, not hyped for rematch against #14 TCU
Washington Post

Bears seek revenge, redemption tonight
Baylor Lariat


Boone Pickens wants TCU in the Big 12
The Oklahoman

Unbeaten TCU volleyball team travels to SMU Star-Telegram

TCU soccer taking on Texas State in San Marcos this weekend


shortnkerley's said...

Boone Pickens wants TCU in the Big 12? He was singing a different tune last year. Fuck him and the big 12.

Candy said...
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ThunderFrog said...

Brilliant line here from the Pickens article: "The Horned Frogs naturally would prefer to be in the Big 12."

Ummm, actually, I think we're good.

Candy said...

I love this quote from SI's Stewart Mandel today:
"College football fans will never agree on which conference is the best, which teams are overrated or underrated, whether there should be a playoff, whether players should be paid -- but they do seem to universally despise Craig James."

Rotten Arsenal said...

Except for SMU, Houston, and (maybe) BYU... who the $%#* else WANTS to be in the Big 12(9)

Sir Wesley Willis said...

Mandel had a good one about aggy, too... something about how they're joining the SEC mostly so they will have a built in excuse for losing.

LA Frog said...

"we had a face and there was dirt there, and next thing we knew we found our face in the dirt there.”

Wow! What an eloquent coach Baylor has there

LOLfolding said...

Pickens can shove it. I don't ever want to play in a stadium that looks like a trash collector convention.