Friday, September 30, 2011

Frog Talk / Ask-A-Frog: SMU is Still Poor

SMU Campus, September 30, 2011

Unfortunately our guest commentators have been vacationing in Columbia to prepare for Hate Week. They did send along a few thoughts and asked that I link to last year’s post b/c “honestly things have only gotten worse.”

Last Year’s Post – read before proceeding……otherwise you won’t have context.

Disciples of GP:
Before I get started, there are a couple things we need to get out of the way real quick. Some of the comments this week:

-PonyUp: But on the real, it is shocking how much you over-exaggerate drug use on smu's campus on this blog.

-Tyler Springer: Plus what up with the drug stereotype? There are no more here than any other college campus in the US.

ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS?? That’s 3 OD’s in ONE semester for a school with 7,000 students.

Now on to something even more ridiculous: The FW Weekly Critics Name Spitblood the “Sportscaster or Sportswriter” of 2011.

Really?? I have to agree with Jerry Fraley’s 9/29 comment

You have got to be kidding? It is an Animal House site with some of the poorest sports witting ever. You should be embarrassed you even mentioned these losers. There are at least 4 other sites that are much better. In fact, has professional bloggers & writers that put these guys to shame. Was someone payed off here? Incredible!

While “payed” isn’t exactly a word Jerry- I do agree….something is up. I was even more suspicions of corruption when I saw that this chick

edged out all our showgirls for “Hottest Local Celebrity.”

Then I took a closer look at who else won awards….

-Watchdog: Some anti-gas drilling hippies called the North Central Texas Communities Alliance

-Unused P.R. Slogan: Some anti-gas drilling hippy slogan “Fort Worth: The Southwest’s Newest Industrial Slum”

-Print Journalist: Some anti-gas drilling hippy journalist named Peggy Heinkel-Wolfe, who I’m not familiar with but I’m sure hates drilling

Financial analysis of the Barnett Shale revealed that it has had a cumulative economic impact of $65.4 billion over the past decade…drilling makes TCU rich, and as you know from last year’s post, SMU is poor.

The FW Weekly is not a bunch of hipsters who hate hot chicks and drilling...I think what Jerry is onto is the fact the FW Weekly, by virtue of this award, has put Spitblood in bed with a bunch of anti-drilling leftists in an elaborate plot orchestrated by SMU to make TCU as public-school poor as they are by doing away with our drilling.

SMU has obviously scraped together all the money from their needle park friends and bought off the FW Weekly, but why throw awards at Spitblood and involve us in their scheme??

It’s simple “friends close, enemies closer” tactics….they’re hoping to blind the preeminent SMU hater Sir Wesley Wills to this diabolical plan by showering him and the rest of Spitblood with awards, Nevin Shapiro hooker yacht parties, and (of course) some Columbian white.

I for one will not stand for this Spitblood/SMU/Anti-drilling/FW Weekly Pact. That is why I’ll be joining Anonymous (9/23/2011 8:34 AM comment) in kicking all your trust fund asses at the tailgate this weekend. See you Saturday...bring the HATE.


shortnkerley's said...

Animal house- one of the most popular movies ever. Thanks, Mr. Fraley. You're probably a lot like Agent Nelson Van Alden in Boardwalk Empire.

Rotten Arsenal said...

I wonder if this "Jerry Fraley" is a poorly disguised "Gerry Fraley" or (even worse) fan of Gerry Fraley, the Rangers Beat Reporter for the Dallass Morning News? Perhaps it's just a coincidence that it's so similar to a guy who is generally unliked in journalism circles, which is in some ways ironic that a guy closely resembling a bad writer complains about bad writers.

Gerry Fraley is a lousy HOF voter
Gerry Fraley pisses off another Rangers writer
Gerry Fraley = Hack
Gerry Fraley Be Redonkulous

If "Jerry Fraley" is in no way related to "Gerry Fraley", please disregard my linking you to a hack writer and let me just say "Shut The Hell Up" Mr. "I'm just a comment leaver on a web page talking about people who actually write stuff that warrants awards from not completely unknown local weekly newspapers."

Tyler Springer said...
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Tyler Springer said...
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Tyler Springer said...

Sweet comment deleting....thanks I appreciate that

look like our trust fund asses took you all to the curb on for poor, let me know when you clear out all the trap houses bordering your campus.

Sir Wesley Willis said...

What's a "trap house?" Clearly you are more familiar with drug lingo that I am.

D said...

you call an overtime victory taking us to the curb. so bayloresque of you.