Thursday, September 29, 2011

Frog Club Luncheon

I have made it to almost every luncheon the past 2 or 3 years, until this year, today was my first. Not for the lack of relishing every chance I can get to drool over the words that come out of GMFP, but damn thing has been sold out every week this year, which to my limited knowledge has never happened.

- Get in the stands, Gary and his squad are pissed at you, yes I mean you. Some in the crowd chuckled as if Gary was doing a lil skit up there, yeah laugh, think its funny. We work out in this heat every day all week, and people wont come into the game because of it. If your going to do something then do it, if your going to be out in the heat then get in the stands. No point blaming the heat when you in the same heat in the parking lot. I think Gary realized he scared some people and tried to lighten the mood, he knows its hot, he changes outfits during halftime. What! that's not the same mock turtleneck from the first half?!? But crowd took notice of the coaches intense demeanor, because first time I have ever seen no questions asked after he gets done with his little speech.

-Justin Fuente welcomed a new kiddo to his family this week, a lil baby girl Catherine or Kaitlyn Rose Fuente.
Voice of the Frogs "yeah, guess which TCU bowl game she was named after?" But alas Patterson refuted such connection, damn dream crusher

-Patterson pointed out that he has never lost at home to schmoo, but quickly flipped that and explained how this will be the most evenly matched game he has played against them, and that pony/donkey show was more physical than the frogs last year

-Frog Bucks at work, players received their scholarship money for the month of October this week, so they will be well fed. Said they go scrounge around for food at the end of every month cuz they run out.

-Spencer Thompson has the O-Line over to his house for a lil BBQ from time to time, which they smoke 80lbs of brisket. Kobayashi check yourself.

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