Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Drama Continues...

Even though the season has started, the drama within the possibly (probably?) dying Big 12 continues. ESPN's Joe Schad is reporting that Texas and Oklahoma are now actively discussing a move to the Pac 12, which would possibly become the Pac 14 or even the Pac 16 if Texas Tech and Oklahoma were also invited.

Additionally, some guy named Greg Swaim of (yeah, take it with a grain of salt) is reporting that Oklahoma and Oklahoma State could be announcing their defection to the Pac 12 as early as this coming Tuesday. He cites the public comments by the presidents of both of those schools saying that they are looking at options outside of the Big 12 as well as 'unnamed sources'.

So what does this mean for TCU? It's hard to tell for sure. Swaim, in his report, repeats the rumor we've been hearing for a while that Kansas and Kansas State have been in talks with the Big East "just in case". Adding those two would give the Big East eleven football-playing schools, although we still have no idea what the SEC's intentions are beyond adding Texas A&M or if the Big Ten or ACC might try to poach a team or two.


Rotten Arsenal said...

I hope Baylor savors last night... I mean, RGIII won't be there forever and Baylor may end up in the land of "lucky to recruit 2 star guys that Fresno State didn't want" if this PAC thing happens.

Oh, and just for the record, let's not forget that technically, Baylor had to come from behind in the final minutes to win that game.

HFrog77 said...

I think OU is totally gone from the Big XII. It'll be interesting to see if they go to the Pac xx or are the other team the SEC invites if A&M goes east. I think the SEC would prefer the other team to be from the eastern time zone so they don't have to move any of the existing team from 1 division to the other. But who knows? I'm thinking the state of OK requires OU and OSU to remain in the same conference no matter what happens.

The UT to the Pac xx rumors are interesting because the Pac xx commissioner said publicly this past week that UT would have to shut down the Longhorn Network in order to join the Pac xx. Since I can't see that happening, it'll be interesting to see who caves on that issue.

In any scenario I can envision, I don't see Baylor with an invite to anything other than C-USA. Fitting, very fitting...

Frog of 1993 said...

Irony can be pretty ironic, can't it? Despite Saturday's result Baylor is imminently looking at losing AQ status if the Big 12 collapses, as seems more and more inevitable. Isn't it amazing how many people are writing off the Frogs after we lost ONE WHOLE GAME and are 25-1 since 2008? Wow, we must just be terrible now. Geesshh.
At any rate, if you want an amusing read over at the Baylor Fans Board football thread, there is a thread called "Can someone explain the TCU angst re: Baylor in the Big 12?". I tried to point out to them that most of Frog nation simply does not find them important enough to think about much at all, but they seem convinced that we all lay awake at night wondering why, oh why, did Baylor get in the Big 12 and TCU didn't. I think we all know who the better team has been since then for sure.

It would be ironic (but, to be honest not terribly fair) if Baylor finds itself a "mid-major" while we sit pretty in the Big East. Well, what goes around comes around, huh? I have mixed feeling on this one. On the other hand, Baylor is a good program and it would be nice to have a long term, really hated rival to whoop up on in the Big East, so maybe Baylor joining Kansas and K State (which is all over the news today) in the Big East might be kind of interesting after all.

Well, I need to go obsess some more about why Baylor got into the Big 12 and we didn't and why we haven't had a decent team since...oh sorry, that's Baylor, the team that got excited about going 7-5 and LOSING the Texas Bowl to a .500 Big 10 team. My mistake.